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How much does it cost to be an MJQ?

Friday, July 31st, 2015


The dreaded question: “How much does is cost to be a member of the MJQs?”

“If you have to ask, you likely can’t afford it” is the despicable answer

(Honestly the assessments  and expenditure is low, if you are wise and frugal.)

Dues are 60.00 per year as of 2015.

If you buy your dress at Goodwill and decorate it yourself, (like Queen Cara and Queen Kim have done) add in 15 bucks. I think that is what they spent. I just found a sweet dress at Macy’s for 50.00.

Whenever we go out we eat and drink– Dutch Treat. The Dutch were notorious cheap-skates, so there it is. You pay for your own libations and morsels.

Additionally, we ask for periodic donations to our Queens’ Treasury fund. The Bee Cause with the Savannah Bee Company is our charity this year. Most MJQs and Ladies will give anywhere from 20.00 to 100.00 dollars through-out the year to this fine local charity. We ask for small cash donations at our Meet & Greets. We will write them a check from the MJQs when we reach the total goal of 500.00. Each year we select a new local charity keeping in mind we each have our pet projects.

You buy your own tiara or crown. You can spend whatever you like. It is gonna sit on your Royal head, is it not?

New Queens pay for their own sash. It is 45.00.  

Gifts for little girls, throws for parades is a variable cost per Queen. If you do not want to give the commoners gifts, then you may not like our group. We love giving tokens away. We try to keep the cost reasonable.


The MJQs Club One Party, Jan. 22 or “How to read an invitation”

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

10-10-10-my-honey-bee-and-me.jpg(Mommy and daughter, click for the big pic. we are so pur-deee)

I am raising my children like most Southern Mothers do. Like all mothers do.  To be able to darn READ.  When my girls get a mailed invitation, they had better be able to decipher the meaning of the invitation without making any huge pheax-pas.  I sent out Club One Party announcements to the MJQs a week or so ago.  I even sent detailed instructions on a separate little sheet of paper inserted in the envelope to answer and anticipate any questions.  Again, herding cats is a constant test of my…patience. (deep breath) Now.  On to the HOW-TO:

First-Read the envelope.  Is it addressed to you and to you, only?  Then YOU and YOU alone are invited.  Next clue.  Open the envelope.  Does it say anywhere on the printed material, “and guest” or  “and husband” or “and family’?  If not, then the invitation is extended to YOU and You ALONE.  Simple.  If you do see “and bring who-ever” written anywhere, then you may bring the person described in that bring who-ever comment.  Now.  If the invitation tells you what to do, who to bring, what to wear, where to be, or gifts needed, well? ..honestly gifts are always appropriate… 

Can you read  simple instructions?  Yes? Good Girl!   READ it and do it.  Oh and If this is a SALES event and not a P-A-R-T-Y-  ,(think Tupperware, Pampered Chef, clothing company of any sort), then it is not really a party.  It’s just a marketing buzz word called a “party” designed to make money for the host.  All of these rules of engagement are null and void if the hostess/marketing specialist is trying to sell you something.  You need not worry about any of this little bit of advice!  Sales events are covered under a totally different set of rules.  Oh and so are political fundraisers. So do not ask me to give money to a candidate unless you have me know it IS a party to raise money. (If you want to shop and your host makes money off you, then go to the event. If not, do not go.  Simple.)

Now back to reading an invitation.  If the group is a social group and the party is a Dutch treat affair, DO NOT expect the hostess to cover the cost of any of the party.  If she tells you that a group is meeting for dinner and a movie, and bring a friend and it is DUTCH,  fine.  Come with Credit card or Cash.  If the thing says, ”Dancing & Lady Chablis at Club One, call and buy tickets, Dutch” -THEN, call and buy your darn tickets. DO NOT expect anyone to be your Mommy and buy your tickets for you. Come or not. 

Still confused? Read this.  Honey Queen, call Club One and buy tickets, (if you want to go) for Jan 22nd, 10:30 show.  MJQs wear full regalia and if you do not know what that means, well… I feel sorry for ya’. I am not telling you what to wear and I am not buying anything for you and if you can not make it…it is OK! really!!!  But do NOT come and expect me to hold your hand and wipe your royal butt for you… (This is the Tough Love part of being in-charge.)   

now dear MJQs, did that sound too harsh? waaay tooo angry and annoyed?…really?! …maybe somebody needs a time-out?  NO!!! -Not you!  Me!!!  I am going to my quiet place now and think about all this…. where’s my tiara? putting  jewels in my hair has a calming effect…ohmmmmmm….

“Just Be Queen!” a Guide to the MJQ Flounce and Coronation

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

31.jpg(click for a close-up) Queen Becky C, our dear Queen who graced our “Save the Date Card,” but will miss Coroantion.  Boo-hoo. She will be in Europe! 

Ok, friends and new MJQS   I know we missed having a Coronation last year.  It was a hard year for everybody, but that is no excuse when you are QUEEN…and we are.  So THIS year we will invite 3 ladies to share their Royalness with us.  We believe that true queens do not need a coronation.  They place the tiara on themselves like Elizabeth did and “self-coronate.”  We do have a little celebration and pass out charming pageant banners proclaiming that these ladies are now official “Mint Julep Queens.” 

What should you expect if you attend?  Is there a plan?  What do we wear?  Where are we going?  What are we going to do?  Are we going to have dinner?  These are all valid and legitimate questions, honeys.  The simple answer is right here.  We will have Fun and Flounce. (Yes, that is with a capital “F.”)  We have no schedules or itinerary we have to follow.  (I assume that if you rule a realm, that you can figure out what is FUN for you and you will grab a few MJQs and go do it.)

YES!  We will meet at 6:00 at Rocks on the Roof at the big ol’ Bohemian Hotel.  I have sworn off Zee Mansion since our last miserable experience there, but I am magnanimous enough to give the corporation another shot.  The exceptional view should make up for an surly service we receive buying over-priced wine in ugly stemware. (see about our experiences at Zeee Man-shon under Royal Reviews.)

So, if you have never been to a Flounce, come early with a friend(s).  Wear green and a tiara.  I will be in a Las Vegas Style Pageant stunner I got last year at a fabulous shop in Statesboro called “Frills and Fancies,” owned by Scott Marchbanks ( ).  If you want something spectacular, I strongly suggest you go by to see what he has in your size. Plus, Becky C and I got new Tiaras.  If you want flash has the absolute best pieces.  You can search tiaras by the inch, (as in how many inches it sits up off your regal head!)  Now mind you, the prices are great, BUT you may have to order 2 pieces, so go in with a friend who is need of more sparkle and you both will be all a glitter!

Next. We have a drink.  I know we have a treasury, but we buy drinks Dutch Treat.  Nothing personal, but I am not paying for wine that is 16.00 dollars a glass and neither is the treasury.  Bring money and ID.  Now, about the food question.  The treasury will order a couple of trays when we get there, so look for nibbles to be served.  Still hungry? One time some of us went to Six Pence Pub and had cheese burgers.  Honey, we had a waitress who had been Miss Thunderbolt years ago and I gave her a spare tiara.  So, ask Your Queenly Self, “Am I hungry?” If the answer is “yes,”  order food at Rocks or get some friends and go get a slice or a burger nearby.  It promises to be a total adventure.

Now- on to the adventure part. You will meet ladies and children of all ages who are envious of you beauty and style.  You also will get to chat with well-wishers (the common folk) and be gracious.  Here is where the good-will comes into play.  I believe all women have a royal thread running through them.  Sometimes the thread is thin and sometimes it is thick as a winter blanket, but either way, we are a Royal sex!  Be prepared to give sweet, little tokens to little princesses or to ladies who need a good cheering up.  This is a recognition of their Royal membership in the universe of all things female. 

Did you see “Avatar?”  You know when those super tall, blue creatures who bow, nod and say, “I see you,”  like “Namaste” during yoga class? Well, all of these are forms of respectful greetings.  Honeys, consider the giving of tokens as way of saying, “I see that you are Queen! I see that you are Princess!”  We have given away toy tiaras, REAL pageant tiaras, candy, and bubbles.  I would love sometime to give away flowers, maybe white roses…but that might be too hard and this is about fun and NOT ANY work, so until I have an assistant to carry my tokens for me, the flowers will have to wait. (You may apply for this unpaid, but deeply appreciated position at the event.)

OK. Where was I?  Place. (check)  Time. (check)  Tokens.(check)  Attire. (check) Food. (check)

Next is the “plan” question.  I think I answered that, but in case you are still unclear, and with all the plans for rhinestone purchases and toy tiaras clouding your perspective, who can blame you?  So here it is:  The Plan makes itself as we go along.  The Flounce is the adventure.  Grab your crown, wear shoes you can at least hobble in and head out with us. 

Last protocol question:  We are inviting Barbara G, Carolin H, and Kim A to join us.  If they have an unfortunate schedule conflict and can not come, are they still considered a member of this group because they were given an invitation to join?  No, honey.  They have to be with us for the Flounce and Coronation!  What if you desperately want to be an MJQ, but have never been asked to join us?  Show up with a stellar attitude to a couple of events.  Flounce and have fun yourself and it is mighty darn likely we will ask you to join us at some point. 

Is that everything?  No?  (I am sure somebody will ask me, so here it goes.)  How many MJQs do you think will be there?  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a fat rats …wait.  Does it matter?   Rhonda’s boy child is a “Ring Bear”  that weekend, so she will miss it.  We will will plan a more quiet little cocktail thing for poor Becky who will miss the event and miss wearing her NEW Gown because she will be in EUROPE. (Such a royal excuse).  Mary will miss it due to her consort, Bubba’s over-planning.  (Remind me to fuss at him the next time I see him.) I also know several other queens will miss it, but we will try to carry on without them.

It is not about numbers, plans, or appearances.  It is not about reality, work, or rules.  It is about giving yourself permission to be silly, wearing jewels in your hair, and just stepping out.  So here is my advice to Queens and Princesses everywhere.  ”Step out in faith.  Faith that there are times that it can be loads of fun to just BE QUEEN!”

winners-09.jpg(click) Pat, Emeritas, Caroline H (2B an MJQ), me and Carolyn

Thank you April Joy and Annabell from Savannah Magazine for sharing this picture from last year’s “Lilies for Fillies, A Derby Party!”

OK Obama, I got Hope!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

I was working with a 2 year old, significantly developmentally, delayed child in Garden City yesterday when my favorite president came for a visit to Savannah.  I got to see him de-plane on the television the daycare director had set up for the children to see.  I wanted to see the event in person, but I was not on the short list of invitees.  Turns out, folks who did not even think Obama could win when he was running against John Edwards and then Hillary… THEY were invited and attended the event.  Shoot. Jack Kingston was even there. (Oh well.  That is politics.) 

I can say that I sent our fine president money to help with his campaign.  There were people who attended who not only did not send him a dime, but actively supported someone else. The daycare director and her employees were all Obama supporters and they did not get an invitation to come see him either, so I was in very good company. (Oh well. That is politics.) We talked about our deep belief in the significance of this president’s election. She teared up when we talked about election night and I told them it was the best birthday present I can imagine getting. I am sad that more locals were not included in the event, but that is politics.

Linda kindly sent me a link from the President’s speech and Carolyn and Consort are in a close-up with Brooks, her consort justa- grinnin’.  (Oh well. That’s politics.)

The daycare providers I was with yesterday, spent years waiting for a president like Obama.  I can honestly say he is the most important president I ever helped elect and when my grandchildren ask about it, I can say I helped elect him! Even if I did not get an invitation to come watch his speech at Savannah Technical college, I take great pride in knowing I predicted his win.  I said he would be the first African American president and I predicted it after his key note address in 2004.  I started to sent him small checks way back in Feb. of 2008 when many of the people I knew were all loving Rudy, McCain, John Edwards and Hillary. In fact I argued with one consort about Obama’s experience and electability.

In politics, what matters to me is a persons values, heart, and action. Obama has all three going for him.  It was so exciting seeing him visit our town and spend time at Savannah Tech, even if the only way I got to see it was on T.V.!  The reality is the regular, common everyday voters and contributors who made his election possible are the ones who were truly excited about this visit and were just happy to sit and watch the local newscasters report on the event.  If only more folks could have been there in person. Politics as usual made the list of invitees rather short and made the event so small .

And then to add insult to injury, I have forgotten how to post pictures on this site.  I got some images sent from Carolyn and I can’t re-size them. When I browse and POST, the image then takes up the whole screen -plus some! So I could not use the huge images to high-light this post.  I guess it is a Freudian thing.  Cynicism and Jealousy makes me forget how to change pixel size? Or cynicism with politics as usual makes me unable to re-vamp jpgs.  What in the world?

I did remember how to “post a link” so if you missed the President’s speech at Savannah Tech, look over to the right of the screen and click on the link that is under Queens in the press.  It is a 15 minute video. There were 4 MJQs there in the audience and I saw 2 consorts. One with a huge grin on his face. Some of his friends call him Pooky. I call him Lucky.

May 16th Flounce is Postponed!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

May 16th Flounce was put in jeopardy by the SCAD Fashion Show! The Memorial Hospital fundraiser is on the 16th as well.  We have several MJQs who are attending that show and and some that are out of town and some that never come to any flounces at all; so there you have it.  Plus some MJQs never respond to requests for infroamtion when planning a party. We are a busy group with too many commitments. I suggest we increase the size of our group so we can at least have a dozen MJQs available for FUN at any given time.

Frills and Fancies

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Muffin Top Zen(Erica in pose “Zen Muffin Top” sans Tiara)

My dears, I have been taken over by the phenomenon, endearingly referred to as “Crackbook.”  I am spending too much time on this insidious site.  So much in fact, that I have let my royal blogging gather dust.  Today is the Spring Equinox and I venture forth to return into the realm of cyber essay and Royal newsletter. 

Tomorrow we are going to Statesboro to find  a lovely little store called Frills and Fancies.  The perfect Flouncy worthy dress awaits.  Hopefully, we will have half a dozen MJQs ready to shop for chiffon, so there will be more story to follow.  I have learned how to send images from my cell phone, which with my advanced age of Baby-Boomer-Cusp, this is really a huge deal.  If you think not, the you are reading the wrong site and need to move on.

Honey, I got the funniest little email today from a David Vaughan, who works for All Bar Stools.  He says he has an opportunity for the MJQS and will let me know further details.  This interchange prompted my self examination and internal review of the purpose of the MJQS from its inception 5 years ago.  Honey pie, we still have folks asking what our mission is, followed by a predictable ”Now tell me, what do ya’ll do?” Frankly, if the truth be told, I believe we have a hand full of these folks in our midst.  They are sweet ladies who would adore to be like us and thought that if they joined our group the “joie de vie” that we wear so well, would somehow rub off on them.  The good news is We still Reign and the bad news is, they still do not get it.

We are about fun, as described by us. We are not interested in work, demure, humble acknowledgements, or mousy-meek moments.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, if you have to ask, you probably don’t get it. If you get the point, you my dear are Queen Material. (see Pages over to the side, and click About.)

Our group has 30 MJQs and I am determined to add 3 more who will enhance our fun-loving parties.  Kim A., Gwin M., and Barbara G.  I predict will be voted in this spring. I also predict the “opportunity” that David emailed me was a opportunity for me to part with a sum of cash for an undetermined bar stool purchase.  Uhmm.  Sitting a bar stool would wrinkle my chiffon. 

Party Questions

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

2009 MJQ Seasonal Party Guidelines and Questions

 “I am on a committee. What do I do now?” Communicate with your group and select a date for your party. Your Committee should announce the date well in advance so the MJQs can plan their calendars. This should be done as soon as feasible for your group. 

 “What kind of seasonal party do we plan?” Your party may be at any public or private location.  It is your choice. You may plan whatever you want:  picnic, happy hour, lunch, dinner, brunch, bowling, pool, beach, movie, or any fun adventure of your group’s choice! 

 “What do we do if we want to have a party that is not at one of our homes?” If the party is public, the cost may be Dutch treat. If you want a photographer or printing/ mailing costs, let me know. You decide attire, location and theme. The Coronation in May is ALWAYS full regalia, so every MJQ should have at least one flounce-worthy green dress, so your committee may request full regalia or not. 

“Do we invite MJQs only?” The committee may invite whomever they wish:  MJQs only, queens and consorts, queens who are allowed to bring guest(s), or queen plus only her additional guests.  Please be aware that any non-queen attending needs to know that we have a waiting list for 2009. If she attends a party, it does not mean she is going to join our group.  Also, if she was invited to join our group at a previous Coronation and did not attend, then she is still a Lady in Waiting.  

 “My husband wants to know when he can come to a party.” Tell him “When I say soJ.”  In years past, we invited consorts to the Holiday Party in December. We did not have a 2008 holiday party since the times were too demanding for many MJQs and no one was available to plan and offer their home for the event. Remember, if you organize a party, you can include whomever you like!   

 “I want to do an event, but not with a committee. What do I do?”  Any MJQ is free to host an additional event. It may include all or some of the MJQs.  Queens should feel free to form smaller groups for the purpose of getting to know other queens better:  i.e., go out to lunch with 6 queens you don’t know well. You are obligated to help the committee plan one seasonal party that you have been assigned.  You may host an event simply by organizing it:  meet at a movie, go to lunch, and meet at a bar for dancing. 

We do anticipate some Queens leaving their positions for 2009 since they did not attend any party in 2008.  This list will reflect those changes by March 1st! Also any MJQ that does not attend at least one party a year will be forgotten for the coming year.

At Large MJQs Carolyn G (Detroit)and Cathleen S (South Carolina) may select the party they would like to assist with planning.

Spring -8 (Now- Early May) Annie , Pat S, Emma K, Rhonda , Lee Ann, Melissa, Becky K, Tricia  

Summer-7 (June-August) Ann M, Jennifer P, Terri K., Jeannne P., Dottie, Erica,  Linda E 

Fall-8 (Sept-Nov) Dee W., Mary M, Stacy, Becky C, Patty G, Mary Ann B, Cathy B, Glenda

Holiday- Sue , Carolyn , Vernice , Tiffani , Kelsey, Nancy B, Holly 

Mint Julep Queen Coronation Questions

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

img_1157.jpg“May I bring a friend?”   - No. Someone is hosting, (paying for the party) and if you are allowed to invite a friend, they will tell you.

“What should I wear?”  - Does your invitation say regalia? Then you wear cocktail evening wear and tiara, honey.  If you are a FOQ or Lady, wear what makes you happy. 

“My consort wants to come.  May I bring him?” - Absolutely not!

“I am nervous. Is there a ceremony if I have been asked to join your group?”  - No. You are a queen in your own right.  You just join us officially by showing up in your tiara and regalia and wearing a banner made by that we give you. Just keep a great Royal attitude and you will be fine. This is not hazing to get into Tri Chi Zeta Alpha Omega F-U.

“What if I have been invited and I can’t attend?” - We are sad for you, honey.

Regal treasury, Save the Date, & 6 P Salad

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

The Founders and 2004 MJQs met for lunch and planning today and reached some decisions.  (Leslie was in Thomasville, Stacy had a Telfair deadline, and Cathy had family matters that called. ) Founders, Mary, Carolyn, Becky, & 2004 Queens Annie, Sue, Dottie, Dee and Linda attended.  We had a little shrimp and crab salad that consort Stephen prepared and My “6 P Salad” that is my recipe. Also Fab cookies from Back in the Day Bakery and brownies. 

First, we will cap our membership, for the time being at 30 Sovereigns.  We may change this cap as we see fit in the coming years, but for 2008, this is the top number of members. Maybe we can have our Royal arms twisted and we increase to 32. We sahll see.

Next, a collection to stock the Royal Treasury will be enacted.  Each MJQ will be asked to pay $50.00 per year to cover certain needed expenses.  A yearly assessment will be sent out to note this collection.  Postage, paper, trolley, banners for New Queens and photographer are the accepted expenses. If you find that at this time membership in this group is just not a priority, at this point, please let me know since we have a waiting list of Ladies that want to join us for flouncing. Look for snail mail note with deadline for submission so we an see how many openings we will have for new royal members, should you be unavailable.  The next Coronation date will be April 12th.

On Coronation matters, every Mint Julep Queen will be required to wear green evening clothes and tiara.  Some of our past royal choices have been white evening pants and Thai silk jacket, rebuilt prom dress, or Bella Mia neon chiffon.  Do you have to wear green evening attire and tiara? Yes. Any concerns or questions will be directed to Sue, Annie, Carolyn, or myself.  All the MJQs need to look like Queens at Coronation. Get advice from Sue if you need help deciding what to wear or finding the right look.

Another topic was attendance.  If you are interested in attending only parties with your consort, then you need to excuse yourself from MJQ Reign.  You have mistaken our group for some other organization. Please let us know how busy you are so we can invite a Royal that has time to flounce.

Our next gathering will be for all Queens and Friends of Queens.  We will go to Alligator Soul and then to the Mercury Lounge on Congress Street and flounce in Boots, Jeans, and Tiara.  Dee says the jeans & dress shirt with cowboy hat is called a “Texas Tuxedo. ” What should we call our Lounge-Look? Watch for the The MJQs Leap Year Lounge Party invitation and details in an invitation to be sent by Feb. 14th.  Oh, and by the way, what happens at Mercury Lounge stays at the Mercury Lounge.  Queen Linda even uses a stage name when there:)  

On travel plans, the trip has been postponed until October or so.  More on that from Carolyn and Sue.  

A suggestion was made that we get julep cups that we would bring to bars for cocktails.  Ross Simmons has sets 6 cups at of silver plate at good prices.  Then we have them engraved with our name and maybe our logo.

MJQs lunch tray was re-newed when dear Vernice had lunch for 4 at Savannah  Quarters Country Club last Friday. Ya’ll, have the grouper tacos if you are invited. The tangerine sorbet was luscious! Conversation fun.  Honeys, I gotta start reading more. Terri and Vernice were up on some novels I have got to read. I just don’t know when I will fit it in.  Terri had the tray passed to her so she will host the next luncheon.  Thanks Vernice for a fun, delicious lunch.

Reign On!

Erica’s 6-P Salad

1 lb. bag frozen, small green peas

1 can white acre peas drained, rinsed,

1 small to med onion chopped and sauted

1 can field peas, rinsed and drained

6 oz. chopped pimento, drained

1 cup pearl pasta, (aka Israeli Couscous) cook according to package directions

½ cup shaved parmesan cheese

½ cup olive oil

½ cup salad vinegar

Chopped fresh cilantro (¼ to 1/3 cup)

Salt to taste

Cayenne and black pepper to taste

 2 Teaspoons of sugar

Cajun seasoning to taste

Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl and add drained hot pasta. Stir Gently.

Chill and marinate at least 24 hours.

Mix in shaved parmesan cheese serving.

Serves 8-10 as side

Broken Resolution

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Hey. Obviously I can’t keep up with a blog post about Meet a Queen a day. The plan was to make all of January about meeting the MJQs.  Plus, I missed Cathleen’s birthday.  January 22nd was her big day, Queen Dee reported.  Uh-oh.  So look for Cathleen and Mary Ann (Feb. 9) in a blog post this week.  I have forgotten how to re-size images since it has been several weeks since I tried! Yikes. Seems if it is a skill or a name that is new, and I don’t practice using it, I forget it within weeks, days, or even hours. Images to come.