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Thursday, November 1st, 2012

put-your-hands-up.jpgYep.  I am a day late and a dollar short.  So the fine print contest is over.

You missed the October 31 deadline… by a few hours.  Figures.  The voiceinmyhead, my self-talking, overworked,  inner voice is not surprised.

Organizing an all out effort to win a position as a blogger for Paula is not on my to do list.  Shoot.  I did not even know the contest existed until 15 minutes ago.  I was in the middle of researching, filing, and organizing my writing.

Researching is code for procrastination.  Filing is code for tossing stuff in the trash.  And writing?  Well, writing is code for…Writing is writing! Really.  Being a full time mother of a high school student, Sage and a 5th grader, Selia, plus working outside my home as speech therapist and a part-time writer, I sure understand all the demands placed on women’s time.  Demands placed by our family, our jobs, and even ourselves.

Hey. You talkin’ ’bout me?  I’m  just giving friendly guidance.  Gotta keep you on task, so to speak.  Oh.  Right.  The inner voice all women have keeps a running a “to do” list and a running tab on what is next.  A litany of  ”Have I called to RSVP for Mimi’s party?  Is the dog due for its flea meds?  I wonder if the dryer is breaking?  I smell burning dust. No, that is the heater.  Coils need cleaning….”  And the list goes on and on.  But do I ever schedude time for FUN?  Not often.  But when I do honeys, it is a red letter day, (or night.)

So tonight I am going out tonight.  Do you have dinner planned for Stephen and the girls?  Naw.  I figure they can get dinner on their own.  Wow! Throwing caution to the wind!  I like it!  Let the party begin.  

So clearly my writing is hard to schedule.  My life is very busy.  But ultimately one priority is making time for FUN!