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“What do y’all do, Mint Julep Queens?”

Saturday, December 6th, 2014


After winning the BEST WALKING GROUP category in the Savannah Waterfront Association’s Annual Light Holiday Parade, a sweet old dude in a lit-up SRV pulled up to our Duke of Tranport’s 1964 convertible Cadillac, Desi.   He hung his head out the window,  as we all busied ourselves getting de-lit and un-plugged from our Sparkling Regalia.

“Hey,” he called politely.  ”I got a question.”

I had not really been paying attention to the nice old dude, so our group of ladies called to me and indicated we had an admireer  with a question.  The group deferred to me I suppose because I have a gift of chatter.  Some might even call it a talent.

As I approached his car window,  he said,  “Tell me.  What do y’all do?”

“We are the Mint Julep Queens.”

He nodded.  You see, he had that part figured out, since we had a handmade glittered poster board strapped to Desi’s car doors proclaiming The Mint Julep Queens.

“Yeah.  I see that,” he nodded at me.

I continued.  ”We have fun.  We celebrate being fabulous females.”

The guy smiled back.  ”Yeah.  But really, what do you do?”

“We celebrate being alive and being fabulous. ” I curtseyed a bit and grinned at him, hoping he understood.

He cocked his head, surveyed the scene and asked, in a surprised tone, “That’s it?”

“We have fun being Queen–  so, yes.   That’s it.”

Then he waved and answered,  ”Well, then.  Bless you, all.” And he drove off.