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Tybee Island Parade- Feb. 9th

Friday, January 18th, 2013

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Tybee Island is calling our names again.  It is whispering “Royal Highnesses!  Please come back and Flounce down our Quaint streets.  Come back and wave to the commoners who eagerly line the parade routes and-”

Wait.  Parade?  We do not work making floats or trudging along behind loud marching bands.  A parade?  We may watch one, but the effort involved getting a float together and the crepe paper.   Really crepe paper, of all things.

“Highness,  there is no effort needed.  No float required.  Just come in full regalia  and pass out tokens of your incredible kind esteem to the throngs that will line the path cheering for you.”

Do we have to wear heels?

“Majesty, Converse All-Stars, properly bejeweled will suffice.”

Well then,  please let the committee know that the MJQs accept with pleasure their kind invitation to attend Tybee Island’s Mardi Gras & Mint Julep Queen Parade.  

“Very good, Majesty. ”

That is all.

“One last thing I must reveal to you.  The commitee has named the Parade a Mardi Gras Parade and the MJQs are not part of the advertising.”


“-merely as a precaution, you understand.  The Tybee Island police and security departments may not be equipped to managed the extreme attendance if You, The Queens are an announced participant.  May we let this be a surprise appearence for the residents, so as not to over strain the bobbies?  They have a hard enough time dealing with the masses.”

Well, if we must…it is better for the Realm.

“Very good, M’am.  Now I am off to purchase some glitter for the Royal Converse.   —*whew* that was a close one.”