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Queen Becky

Friday, February 24th, 2012


Serious dress? NEVER!!!!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012


Going on 10 years ago I had visions of each unique member of  the Mint Julep Queens developing their own style.  As I saw it, the member would evolve and produce her own iconic image of what a Queen is.  What does a Queen wear?  Who is that queen that lives in your heart and gets out only on select occasions?

I remember telling Wendy about the group when she wanted to know what we all wore.  Wendy is an artist and an exceptional visual person who needs to have a mental image of the MJQs to begin to wrap her mind around our frivolous existence.  At the time, I explained that we each wore what we thought was Regal.  It could be a true pageant queen dress, a fairy tale princess dress or an historic costume.  The only requirement was to wear green since we did want group photos to be pretty and having one hue just seemed smart.

Not to mention the fact that you love green!  and red heads look so good in green. Of course now you barely qualify as a red head.  Which reminds me, you need to call Dennis and make an appointment for a color restoration.  Get out your calendar and let’s see…what will work?  …uhmm

The voiceinmyhead is painfully aware of how 8 years have aged me and talking about my unrealized goals for the Mint Julep Queens just makes me sound pitiful.

Not exactly pitiful.  More like naive. 

So I had thought the self-costuming and excitement would happen.  I would have adored seeing Queen Dottie in a Queen Elizabeth styled ruff and an ermine trimmed cloak would have been so exquisite.   Dottie would be just wonderful as an Elizabethan Queen.

But again.  It is NOT about YOUR ideas.  It is about each woman’s own connection to Royal spirit.  Maybe Dottie does not want to be all costume-y and historic looking.  Maybe she does not want to call attention to herself.  Just because she is one of the oldest Queens, seems you could be more…

Mature…NOT oldest.  Mature.  And I agree.  It is not about me.  But this is. Why not at least try to get some costume connections going?  Like with Savannah College of Art and Design.  They have a costume department.  Maybe someone would like to design a gown for me.  It could happen.  If I had to select a look…just one, I want a Fairy Queen Midsummer Night’s Dream look.   With a custom crown that lights up and has an art nouveau vibe to it.

Why so magical?

I do not know, honey.  But I think I heard someone say they could not fit into their big ol’ mass of multicolored chiffon and that she was too old and needed a “serious” dress.   I  am praying right this second that I never get too old for a cray-zee dress and that some how I can convince SCAD’s costume department to take us all on as clients who need wardrobe assistance in a desperate way.  Queen Kim is helping with this project so I have every confidence it will happen…and hopefully soon enough to keep someone out there from buying a Darn Boring Ass dress.  Or God forbid letting their darn husband buy them a “serious” from Nordstroms or somewhere equally mature.

Maybe you need to accept that some queens prefer a simple dress.  More Margaret Thatcher looking and less Elizabeth I…face it. 

Maybe we become the Mint Julep Prime Ministers?

No. There is room in the group for simple, serious and low key.  Really. It is just not YOUR look.  You have talked about this before.  Let it go. we are each different in style and personalty.  Each Queen expresses their royalty in a unique way. 

The voiceinmyhead has gotten all tolerant and accepting.  

After almost 10 years organizing this group, it is high time.  It is what it is…  

Identify a Dream= Good thing

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

mardi-gras-queens2.jpgmardi-gras-queens.jpg (click, honey. you need to see these BIG)

If bad things happen in 3’s, do good things also happen in 3’s?  I drove home today after having a temporary crown placed after breaking a permanent crown last Friday.  I drove along under a huge canopy of oak tree branches laced over head like massive fluid elephant legs bent all over the the street and connecting in rough vein-like grey patches.  The largeness of the trunks and branches created an Extreme the arbor over Washington Avenue.  Although I adore the iconic Southern-ness of live oaks and drippy smoke colored Spanish Moss, and it took every fiber of my being to focus on being thankful for that view.

Face it.  You were feeling sorry for yourself and not thankful.  Not thankful at all. You were looking in the mirror and fretting over your numb, lop-sided lips.

I was looking at the trees and thinking how lucky I am to be in this car and not lying in a hospital bed recovering from some God-awful illness or injury.

Keep your focus on the road or you will have a wreck, the voiceinmyhead kept saying. You know you are not supposed to be driving less than 24 hours after being under anesthetic.

Oh yeah.  I forgot to tell you, I had a D & C yesterday.  Just a routine thing they tell me, but not at all fun or Royal.  So the bad stuff: 1. D&C at the hospitial, 2. Broken Crown at the dentist, and then 3. ripped contacts and no replacements in stock.

Thankfully I got your attention off the damn live oak trees down Washington Avenue or you would have gotten a ticket when we sped past that police car.  So that must be Good Thing Number 1.  See!  The Good things are really starting!

The voiceinmyhead is so seldom positive. I guess that is good thing number 2  right by itself.

So Good Thing Number 3 is what we are waiting for.

Maybe it already happened and I missed it.

Uhmmm.  Let me think.  This morning you saw a photo that helped you figure out that one of your dreams is to ride with a Krewe in a parade during Festival season in New Orleans.  Identifying a dream is an important step.  A step to what I do not know, but a step.


Yes.  Laissez les bons temp rouler!

The voiceinmyhead knows me pretty well.