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July 6th & July 12th Birthdays (Carolyn & Dee)

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

mj-queen-504.jpgcaroline-and-our-princess-2-1.jpgcarolyn-stillwell-2008.jpg( click for Queen Dee and Queen Pattie.  Then Carolyn crowns a little princess & Danny boy serves her at Alligaor Soul.)

Ya’ll , I am letting you know now.  Carolyn’s birthday is July 6.  Drop her a note or bottle of wine.  Dee has a royal birthday on the 12th of July.  Ditto on the note or drink.  By the way, I just love the photo of Patty and Dee.  We have been needing a Fab image of Dee and now we have several.  Yeah!

June 13 was Dottie’s Day

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

mj-queen-499.jpg21-1.jpg(click for Queen Pat, Queen Glenda and then Queen Dottie attedning April 12, 2008 Coronation.  Also Queen Dottie and Queen Emma at MJQs 2007 Christmas party.)

Hello MJQs and well wishers.  I have been too busy this summer and missed announcing Queen Dottie’s birthday! Shame, Shame, Shame on me!  It was June 13th and now she is off to the UK presumably to see the Queen and celebrate.  Dottie, give her a hug for me:) and tell her William is just darling and should marry that Kate girl.