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Party Questions

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

2009 MJQ Seasonal Party Guidelines and Questions

 “I am on a committee. What do I do now?” Communicate with your group and select a date for your party. Your Committee should announce the date well in advance so the MJQs can plan their calendars. This should be done as soon as feasible for your group. 

 “What kind of seasonal party do we plan?” Your party may be at any public or private location.  It is your choice. You may plan whatever you want:  picnic, happy hour, lunch, dinner, brunch, bowling, pool, beach, movie, or any fun adventure of your group’s choice! 

 “What do we do if we want to have a party that is not at one of our homes?” If the party is public, the cost may be Dutch treat. If you want a photographer or printing/ mailing costs, let me know. You decide attire, location and theme. The Coronation in May is ALWAYS full regalia, so every MJQ should have at least one flounce-worthy green dress, so your committee may request full regalia or not. 

“Do we invite MJQs only?” The committee may invite whomever they wish:  MJQs only, queens and consorts, queens who are allowed to bring guest(s), or queen plus only her additional guests.  Please be aware that any non-queen attending needs to know that we have a waiting list for 2009. If she attends a party, it does not mean she is going to join our group.  Also, if she was invited to join our group at a previous Coronation and did not attend, then she is still a Lady in Waiting.  

 “My husband wants to know when he can come to a party.” Tell him “When I say soJ.”  In years past, we invited consorts to the Holiday Party in December. We did not have a 2008 holiday party since the times were too demanding for many MJQs and no one was available to plan and offer their home for the event. Remember, if you organize a party, you can include whomever you like!   

 “I want to do an event, but not with a committee. What do I do?”  Any MJQ is free to host an additional event. It may include all or some of the MJQs.  Queens should feel free to form smaller groups for the purpose of getting to know other queens better:  i.e., go out to lunch with 6 queens you don’t know well. You are obligated to help the committee plan one seasonal party that you have been assigned.  You may host an event simply by organizing it:  meet at a movie, go to lunch, and meet at a bar for dancing. 

We do anticipate some Queens leaving their positions for 2009 since they did not attend any party in 2008.  This list will reflect those changes by March 1st! Also any MJQ that does not attend at least one party a year will be forgotten for the coming year.

At Large MJQs Carolyn G (Detroit)and Cathleen S (South Carolina) may select the party they would like to assist with planning.

Spring -8 (Now- Early May) Annie , Pat S, Emma K, Rhonda , Lee Ann, Melissa, Becky K, Tricia  

Summer-7 (June-August) Ann M, Jennifer P, Terri K., Jeannne P., Dottie, Erica,  Linda E 

Fall-8 (Sept-Nov) Dee W., Mary M, Stacy, Becky C, Patty G, Mary Ann B, Cathy B, Glenda

Holiday- Sue , Carolyn , Vernice , Tiffani , Kelsey, Nancy B, Holly 

January & Febuary Birthdays

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009


Queen Nancy

January 4

Queen Ann

January 8

Queen Cathleen 

Jan 28


Queen Mary Ann

Feb 9

Queen Lee Ann

Feb. 25