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July News and Cosmetology

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

img_1170.jpg  Queen Carolyn and Queen Dee have birthdays this month. C. on th 6th and D. on the 12th. ‘Tis a perfect time to invite them for lunch or cocktails. At least send a little note. Here’s some Glamorous news about Queen Emma. She was selected to fly to LA and meet a make-up artist to the stars. Emma was one a few special Dior reps to get this rare opportunity. I can’t wait for her to learn those Hollywood tricks and apply them to moi. I want to look tres jolie.

Speaking of pretty, I just heard about a fun drink. Lady Cindy’s seventy-plus year old mother, (everyone affectionately calls her “Gigi”) loves a new drink she discovered called a Cosmetology. Cindy went by her house one day to find her dear, gray haired mother singing praises to the delicious concoction she had just discovered.
Gigi thrust a chilly glass onto unsuspecting Cindy, saying, “Here, honey. You’ve got to try this new drink. It’s just about the best thing I have ever had.”
Cindy sipped the mixture and sweetly replied, “Mother, this looks just like a Cosmopolitan.”
Dear Gigi corrected her daughter. “No honey. It’s a Cosmetology. It’s has cranberry juice, triple sec and vodka, with fresh lime juice. Yummmmm.”
“That is a Cosmopolitan mother,” Cindy retorted, trying not to sound too sassy and grown, even though she was.
“Well, call it what you want,” Gigi said, prissing her lips. “After I have two, everybody looks pretty.”
So from then on, in their household, Gigi’s Cosmetology’s are made by the gallon and may appear at any little gathering, cook-out, or ladies group meeting. The large size Oceanspray bottle has a permanent Sharpie marker written on the white plastic cap so as not to confuse any of the grandchildren or great-grandchildren that visit from time to time. A friend of the family from California even stole the recipe and serves “Gigi’s Cosmetology’s” in his bar in San Jose`. It’s on the menu.

Reign on!
Queen Erica