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New Cocktail- I’ll have a “Paul Palmer”

Friday, March 20th, 2009

blossoming2.jpgblossoming1.jpgHey there Queens and Public. Why name this drink “Paul Palmer”?  Because an Arnold Palmer is half lemonade and half iced tea.  This is made with Paul Newman’s Lemonade, and Firefly Sweet tea favored vodka. Maybe “Arnold Newman.” OK. I will work on the name, but the mix? It is done!

I have just made the best little cocktail. Serve in a Mignon Fiaget from NOLA,  Krewe Crown Old-Fashioned glass. Also make sure you have your linen beverage napkin and some homemade cheese straws on hand!

 On the rocks -mix 1 jigger Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, 2 jiggers Paul Newman’s Lemonade, with a big ol’ mint leaf sprig. You can muddle the mint in the glass for a really nice summery twist. BTW- the recent nasty freeze did not kill my mint in the backyard.  Ya’ll need to come by and have a drink and enjoy the beautiful cherry tree in bloom. Hey. It is a party concept! Happy Hour: Drinks and Petals.

Frills and Fancies

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Muffin Top Zen(Erica in pose “Zen Muffin Top” sans Tiara)

My dears, I have been taken over by the phenomenon, endearingly referred to as “Crackbook.”  I am spending too much time on this insidious site.  So much in fact, that I have let my royal blogging gather dust.  Today is the Spring Equinox and I venture forth to return into the realm of cyber essay and Royal newsletter. 

Tomorrow we are going to Statesboro to find  a lovely little store called Frills and Fancies.  The perfect Flouncy worthy dress awaits.  Hopefully, we will have half a dozen MJQs ready to shop for chiffon, so there will be more story to follow.  I have learned how to send images from my cell phone, which with my advanced age of Baby-Boomer-Cusp, this is really a huge deal.  If you think not, the you are reading the wrong site and need to move on.

Honey, I got the funniest little email today from a David Vaughan, who works for All Bar Stools.  He says he has an opportunity for the MJQS and will let me know further details.  This interchange prompted my self examination and internal review of the purpose of the MJQS from its inception 5 years ago.  Honey pie, we still have folks asking what our mission is, followed by a predictable ”Now tell me, what do ya’ll do?” Frankly, if the truth be told, I believe we have a hand full of these folks in our midst.  They are sweet ladies who would adore to be like us and thought that if they joined our group the “joie de vie” that we wear so well, would somehow rub off on them.  The good news is We still Reign and the bad news is, they still do not get it.

We are about fun, as described by us. We are not interested in work, demure, humble acknowledgements, or mousy-meek moments.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, if you have to ask, you probably don’t get it. If you get the point, you my dear are Queen Material. (see Pages over to the side, and click About.)

Our group has 30 MJQs and I am determined to add 3 more who will enhance our fun-loving parties.  Kim A., Gwin M., and Barbara G.  I predict will be voted in this spring. I also predict the “opportunity” that David emailed me was a opportunity for me to part with a sum of cash for an undetermined bar stool purchase.  Uhmm.  Sitting a bar stool would wrinkle my chiffon.