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“Just Be Queen!” a Guide to the MJQ Flounce and Coronation

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

31.jpg(click for a close-up) Queen Becky C, our dear Queen who graced our “Save the Date Card,” but will miss Coroantion.  Boo-hoo. She will be in Europe! 

Ok, friends and new MJQS   I know we missed having a Coronation last year.  It was a hard year for everybody, but that is no excuse when you are QUEEN…and we are.  So THIS year we will invite 3 ladies to share their Royalness with us.  We believe that true queens do not need a coronation.  They place the tiara on themselves like Elizabeth did and “self-coronate.”  We do have a little celebration and pass out charming pageant banners proclaiming that these ladies are now official “Mint Julep Queens.” 

What should you expect if you attend?  Is there a plan?  What do we wear?  Where are we going?  What are we going to do?  Are we going to have dinner?  These are all valid and legitimate questions, honeys.  The simple answer is right here.  We will have Fun and Flounce. (Yes, that is with a capital “F.”)  We have no schedules or itinerary we have to follow.  (I assume that if you rule a realm, that you can figure out what is FUN for you and you will grab a few MJQs and go do it.)

YES!  We will meet at 6:00 at Rocks on the Roof at the big ol’ Bohemian Hotel.  I have sworn off Zee Mansion since our last miserable experience there, but I am magnanimous enough to give the corporation another shot.  The exceptional view should make up for an surly service we receive buying over-priced wine in ugly stemware. (see about our experiences at Zeee Man-shon under Royal Reviews.)

So, if you have never been to a Flounce, come early with a friend(s).  Wear green and a tiara.  I will be in a Las Vegas Style Pageant stunner I got last year at a fabulous shop in Statesboro called “Frills and Fancies,” owned by Scott Marchbanks ( ).  If you want something spectacular, I strongly suggest you go by to see what he has in your size. Plus, Becky C and I got new Tiaras.  If you want flash has the absolute best pieces.  You can search tiaras by the inch, (as in how many inches it sits up off your regal head!)  Now mind you, the prices are great, BUT you may have to order 2 pieces, so go in with a friend who is need of more sparkle and you both will be all a glitter!

Next. We have a drink.  I know we have a treasury, but we buy drinks Dutch Treat.  Nothing personal, but I am not paying for wine that is 16.00 dollars a glass and neither is the treasury.  Bring money and ID.  Now, about the food question.  The treasury will order a couple of trays when we get there, so look for nibbles to be served.  Still hungry? One time some of us went to Six Pence Pub and had cheese burgers.  Honey, we had a waitress who had been Miss Thunderbolt years ago and I gave her a spare tiara.  So, ask Your Queenly Self, “Am I hungry?” If the answer is “yes,”  order food at Rocks or get some friends and go get a slice or a burger nearby.  It promises to be a total adventure.

Now- on to the adventure part. You will meet ladies and children of all ages who are envious of you beauty and style.  You also will get to chat with well-wishers (the common folk) and be gracious.  Here is where the good-will comes into play.  I believe all women have a royal thread running through them.  Sometimes the thread is thin and sometimes it is thick as a winter blanket, but either way, we are a Royal sex!  Be prepared to give sweet, little tokens to little princesses or to ladies who need a good cheering up.  This is a recognition of their Royal membership in the universe of all things female. 

Did you see “Avatar?”  You know when those super tall, blue creatures who bow, nod and say, “I see you,”  like “Namaste” during yoga class? Well, all of these are forms of respectful greetings.  Honeys, consider the giving of tokens as way of saying, “I see that you are Queen! I see that you are Princess!”  We have given away toy tiaras, REAL pageant tiaras, candy, and bubbles.  I would love sometime to give away flowers, maybe white roses…but that might be too hard and this is about fun and NOT ANY work, so until I have an assistant to carry my tokens for me, the flowers will have to wait. (You may apply for this unpaid, but deeply appreciated position at the event.)

OK. Where was I?  Place. (check)  Time. (check)  Tokens.(check)  Attire. (check) Food. (check)

Next is the “plan” question.  I think I answered that, but in case you are still unclear, and with all the plans for rhinestone purchases and toy tiaras clouding your perspective, who can blame you?  So here it is:  The Plan makes itself as we go along.  The Flounce is the adventure.  Grab your crown, wear shoes you can at least hobble in and head out with us. 

Last protocol question:  We are inviting Barbara G, Carolin H, and Kim A to join us.  If they have an unfortunate schedule conflict and can not come, are they still considered a member of this group because they were given an invitation to join?  No, honey.  They have to be with us for the Flounce and Coronation!  What if you desperately want to be an MJQ, but have never been asked to join us?  Show up with a stellar attitude to a couple of events.  Flounce and have fun yourself and it is mighty darn likely we will ask you to join us at some point. 

Is that everything?  No?  (I am sure somebody will ask me, so here it goes.)  How many MJQs do you think will be there?  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a fat rats …wait.  Does it matter?   Rhonda’s boy child is a “Ring Bear”  that weekend, so she will miss it.  We will will plan a more quiet little cocktail thing for poor Becky who will miss the event and miss wearing her NEW Gown because she will be in EUROPE. (Such a royal excuse).  Mary will miss it due to her consort, Bubba’s over-planning.  (Remind me to fuss at him the next time I see him.) I also know several other queens will miss it, but we will try to carry on without them.

It is not about numbers, plans, or appearances.  It is not about reality, work, or rules.  It is about giving yourself permission to be silly, wearing jewels in your hair, and just stepping out.  So here is my advice to Queens and Princesses everywhere.  ”Step out in faith.  Faith that there are times that it can be loads of fun to just BE QUEEN!”

winners-09.jpg(click) Pat, Emeritas, Caroline H (2B an MJQ), me and Carolyn

Thank you April Joy and Annabell from Savannah Magazine for sharing this picture from last year’s “Lilies for Fillies, A Derby Party!”