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All are Welcome at our Ten Year Anniversary!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

To celebrate ten whole years of Reign in Savannah, Georgia, we, the Mint Julep Queens are planning a huge, elegant, regal party.  Yes.  I know.  I am giddy with excitement.  The Savannah Philharmonic will play for us! Thousands and thousands of well-wishers from far and near will pack their suppers and seating, and then they will gather on the grounds of Forsyth Park.  Glasses will be raised and love and peace will abound throughout the Realm.

Three Ladies in Waiting will be crowned and sashed as official Mint Julep Queens.  Several of our brilliant Junior Mint Princesses will be there to give away over two hundred little tiaras to charming guests. Please join us at 4:30 pm in Forsyth Park for ”Keep Calm & Fly Me to the Moon”,  an MJQ 10th Anniversary Coronation & Flounce.

(In case you have not heard, the gathering on Sunday, October 5th is free and open to the public.  You will likely see it written up in local papers as “Picnic in the Park” with the Savannah Philharmonic sponsored by Parkers.  We Royals prefer to think this beloved tradition is a gift from the city of Savannah to us, but honestly, dears, maybe it is a gift to us all.)

(Queen Kim welcomes visitors from abroad who arrive to celebrate our decade long reign.)