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Royal Fun is Key

Thursday, April 24th, 2014


On May 15, 204 we will celebrate a decade long reign in Savannah, Georgia.  A decade sounds longer than ten years to me.  Doesn’t it to you?  In a way, the sound of time measurements and words are really worse that the actually time. For example, I am over fifty. That is more than half a century.  You have got to be kidding me.  Stop it with that language.  Half a darn century?  Nawww. That’s can’t be right.  My skin is crawling.  And my hip hurting is so it must be right.

Highnesses, let us agree that we have been reigning as a group of fun-loving women for either one–ten years or a decade, ok?

All Queens and their sponsored Ladies in Waiting  are invited to our Fun is Key- Coronation & Flounce at “Art on Tap” at the Jepson Center on May 15th.

We will have a nibble and a drink.

MJQs, this a full regalia event.  Glitter and sparkle and sash and crown.  Those of you who are not MJQs, I can’t tell you what to wear, so please do not ask unless you want my opinion.  If you do want my Royal advice– I will be more than glad to give it, however it is only worth what you are paying me, so it is not worth a thing.

Back to the MJQs– Three Ladies in Waiting have attended several parties (three or more) and their sponsors have recommended them highly.   Janet, Cara, and Suzanne will be Sashed and One Queen (Erica R.) will be more formally introduced.

On May 15th, we will grab a pedicab or flounce off to dinner.  The location of that dinner has yet to be determined, however I would like Vinnie Van Go-Go’s, but there are many options.

(By the way, all MJQs, consorts, and Ladies, please save the date for August 2.  The MJQs will support Queen Erica R in raising funds for The 200 Hundred Club. Check links under “Blogroll” and “Queens in the Press” to the side of this post for more information.  Find the MJQs on Facebook and Instagram. )