New Members

chablis-flounce.jpgDear New Member, Or Prospective Member,

There is not much you need to know that is not written about or discussed in this blog. I will keep this page brief.

To join our group, you must know a queen and she must sponsor you. If you love the idea of being a MJQ, then tell your friend how much you like wearing a crown and how excited you are to have an excuse to buy a long green dress. You must show interest because we are a lot of things— fun-loving, interesting, hard-working, exciting, Royal, but we are not by any stretch able to read your mind or your intent. We do not sell our friends on the queens concept, ever. We grow our membership ranks by word of mouth and connections with friends.

New Ladies in Waiting should also understand that we hate talking about money. It is by and large a very boring subject, however new members need to know there is a cost associated with Reigning as an MJQ. The LIST:Dues. Sash. Gifts. Tokens for young girls. Trinkets for the commoners. Food and Drink for yourself. Small yearly donations to our charity. Printing costs. It all adds up.

As a group, we are not lavish spenders.

Please ask your sponsor when you pay dues, which are $30 per year for Ladies and $60 per year for Queens. Sashes are $45.

(I had a dear friends once tell me I should make money by charging more and keeping the profits. That is not how I personally want to make money so my goal is for the group to break even. I will make my money by being what I am– an artist and a writer. The collection of personal essays and memories about my experiences with the Mint Julep Queens will be published at some point and I might make a small crust of money then. Then my next book will be Adventure Girls at the Rattlesnake Round-up, and by then my screen-play will be purchased. That is my plan;)

New Members, never be scared to ask one of us to invite you to a party, to include you in a Meet & Greet, or to add your name to our growing distribution list. Never be scared to ask any of us about protocol. For example, MJQs invite members. Ladies in Waiting do not. See how simple? We keep our rules simple because we want to focus on Fun, Flouncing, and Frolics.

Reign on!,

Queen Erica