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READY, Mint Julep Queens? Set. Glow!

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


Another string of lines arrived in the mail yesterday.  This set has a line of white foam roses with little LED lights in the center of each blossom.  The other seven strands,  (Yes,  That is correct.  SEVEN)  I purchased are called “Fairy Lights” and have small green dots that glow like mad.  The eighteen to twenty or so Mint Julep Queens— and Ladies in Waiting with a smattering of Junior Mints thrown in for good measure, all are getting our glowing gown gear ready to walk in the Savannah Waterfront’s 2014 Lighted Christmas Parade on Saturday December 6th.

As we know, all women need to own at least one tiara.  When we heard about this lovely parade, we have expanded out view to include ,”All Queens shine with a joyous inner light, and given an opportunity can even shimmer in the dark with a battery power pack of LED lights draped on chiffon and threaded through rhinestones. ”

Join us on the parade route which runs along River street, then up to Bay and finally meandering over to City Market.  We love to wish our subjects well and embrace other Royalty spotted along the way.  It is so kind of the Savannah Waterfront Association to plan this little pomp filled event to celebrate Santa’s arrival.  Our dear, Executive IceCream Producer and charming Savannah boy, Stratton Leopold will be the parade’s grand marshall.  

Now I am off to buy candy and tiaras to give to our admirers.  

We all Shine On!  And Reign on.