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‘Tis the Season

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013


‘Tis the season for me to start thinking about giving– Giving gifts and donating to causes should be a year around focus and it partially is.  I write checks and give time in difference do-gooder committees, but I don’t do much, honestly.   Our new Queen Sylvia regularly and faithfully gives time to the Emmaus House.  One morning each week she and her consort Jake get up at O’ Dark-thirty to head downtown to work in a kitchen that provides a sit-down breakfast for hundreds of the city’s homeless.

A few years ago the MJQs batted about the idea of adopting a cause to help our community.  At the time, it was a reaction to wanting a justifaciton for the group’s existence and if you have read anything at all on this site, you know we do not explain or justify our flounces. However we still were faced with pressure. What kind of females would be part of a social group that has no fundraising arm?

Look at us.  We are the kind.

In a knee jerk reaction, we discussed the concept and after seeing that there was no way on God’s green earth we would ever come to an argreeemnt on what non-profit to support, we bagged the idea.  Not to mention we volunteer too much and over commit ourselves, left and right.  Adding a charitable component to the group seemed ill-advised. Just for starters– Sue supports the Ronald Macdoanld house, Patty the Philharmonic and Friends of Music, Lois gives to Friends of Music and the Bamboo Gardens and Junior Acheivement. The list goes on and on!   Bottom line is this.  Good Queens have pet projects.

I am re-thinking whether the group should adopt a cause…one that we all can rally around.

Are you crazy?  Select your own. These ladies have their own ideas and imposing on them  will not work.

It might work. We all have challenges in our lives.  Hardships of every variety we battle.  Ups and downs.  Hills and valleys.  But we all have a roof over our heads.  We all have food, clean water, and good educations.  We all have a safe homes and family.  Maybe we can look outside ourselves and consider a cause for the coming season or the coming year.  What say ye, oh fellow Mint julep Queens?  We can look to members like Sylvia for inspiration.  A child centered charity or woman center charity?  Maybe one you personally have never really done anything for?

The season makes me hopeful.  Maybe it is not crazy.  I feel like I can make a difference.  We can make a difference.  We, as Royals might have an impact.  And if we do nothing as a group, that is ok, too.  I can still do the private individual stuff I was planning…however a group donation of some sort  would be cool.   

Wow.  It could be nice.  Santa’s elves dress in green and so do we, right?  The voiceinmyhead is becoming more accepting and magnanimous,  finally.