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Mint Julep Queens, Mint Juleps, and Google

Monday, April 21st, 2008

mjqs-and-dinner-at-alligator-soul08.jpg(click) Some us photographed with some lucky commoner.

Here is an interesting list: Queen Helene Masque & Facial Scrub, the Modern Jazz Quartet, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at the Derby and of course, the MJQs.   What do we all have in common.  We are on page one of a Google search.  If you enter “MJQ” “Mint Julep” Or Mint Julep Queens”  we share space on page one with these other topics.  Including a guy on chowhound hot topics who needed crushed ice in Brooklyn. This is the story about him.  He was planning a little party for +200 and needed the correct ingredients for a proper julep and he knew the ice must be crushed.    As he explained, he lived in Queens and didn’t know the Brooklyn area. So where do you go? You Google it.

Also Queen Elizabeth was to have a Mint Julep last year at the Kentucky Derby. Addtionally you can find out that Queen Helene makes a great clay based face masque that really clears up those clogged pores.  The Modern Jazz Quartet appears if you search “MJQ.” They have no interest in Mint Juleps. And, as of this morning, the “Mint Julep Queens Green toenails” were in the forefront. Now does this matter in vast scheme of cyber-things?  No. Not at all, but is is rather amazing to think that if a wonderful subject sees us Flounce one Saturday night through downtown town Savannah, asks for a photograph, and then goes back to Pittsburgh and Googles the MJQs…well, Voila`. There we are. Page one. Praise worthy, photogenic and completely Royal in almost every way.

Mint Julep Queens’ Green Toenails

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

These Green Toenails Were a Happy coincidence we discovered during the April 12th Coronation at the Davenport House. Guess who! Click on the image to check your

Great Service at Alligator Soul

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

carolyn-stillwell-2008.jpgmjqs-and-dinner-at-alligator-soul08.jpg(click) Danny Boy aka Daniel, a staff consort pours for Carolyn and Diner requests a photo-op with us.

Saturday night we showed up at Alligator Soul,  about an hour later than we had planned, but we were greeted with applause and hugs from the staff anyway. The owner, Maureen Craig even wore her special sweater that had little green gators on it.  

We wanted something light and easy to eat since you really don’t need to eat a full dinner when wearing a glittering, form-fitting green gown.  The chef made us special nibbles that we didn’t need knife and fork to noosh on.  My favorite was the jumbo fried olives.  Also you cannot go wrong with grilled bread brushed with virgin olive oil and served with a wonderful variety of cheeses.  Drinks were perfect and fairly priced. The atmosphere warm and welcoming and staff good-natured and properly impressed with our Royal selves. Several guests had pictures made with us and enjoyed our very attendance.  I am guessing their evening was complete after good food, good wine, and then meeting some of the MJQs. It is possible, right?

Welcome New Mint Julep Queens

Monday, April 14th, 2008

mj-queen-543.jpgmj-queen-567.jpgmj-queen-565.jpgmj-queen-524.jpgmj-queen-505.jpgmj-queen-499.jpgmj-queen-494.jpg(click on any image) Queen Nancy; Queen Lee Ann; Queen Jeanne; Queen Kelsey; Queen Nancy poses with 2004 Queen Linda and Queen at Large, Carolyn; Queen Pat welcomes her friend Queen Glenda and 2004 Queen Dottie wishes her well; Queen Ann and moi

I am still recovering from the Saturday Night Coronation and the Friday night Wedding of Queen Jennifer.  My Feet hurt.  Flouncing is definitely a work-out. 

Please send Best wishes to Jennifer and Welcome our new Queens.  When I have time to post images I will. Plus I will send the disk to Queens that want one.  News on the event to follow later this week.

2008 MJQS: Queen Ann M, Queen Lee Ann S, Queen Kelsey A, Queen Nancy B, Queen Jeanne P, Queen Glenda B

Queen Becky C Wears it Well

Monday, April 7th, 2008

31-2.jpg (click -Queen Becky C)

What do you wear to a Coronation?  Ask Queen Becky or Queen Dottie or Queen Sue.  Here is fine example of regalia. The Toys Be Us n Such scepter is a very nice touch. Notice how in pictures the most prom-y dress photographs so well.  Frankly, it is all in the posture and Queenly gaze, I think.  Remember, as royalty, we do not shy away from the camera!  The camera loves us and we indulge in poses for our subjects so that they can have a memento suitable for framing of our Highness.

Reign On! And Thanks to Queen Carolyn, April 12th will be a fun and flouncing Coronation.

Mint Julep Queen Coronation Questions

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

img_1157.jpg“May I bring a friend?”   - No. Someone is hosting, (paying for the party) and if you are allowed to invite a friend, they will tell you.

“What should I wear?”  - Does your invitation say regalia? Then you wear cocktail evening wear and tiara, honey.  If you are a FOQ or Lady, wear what makes you happy. 

“My consort wants to come.  May I bring him?” - Absolutely not!

“I am nervous. Is there a ceremony if I have been asked to join your group?”  - No. You are a queen in your own right.  You just join us officially by showing up in your tiara and regalia and wearing a banner made by that we give you. Just keep a great Royal attitude and you will be fine. This is not hazing to get into Tri Chi Zeta Alpha Omega F-U.

“What if I have been invited and I can’t attend?” - We are sad for you, honey.