Great Service at Alligator Soul

carolyn-stillwell-2008.jpgmjqs-and-dinner-at-alligator-soul08.jpg(click) Danny Boy aka Daniel, a staff consort pours for Carolyn and Diner requests a photo-op with us.

Saturday night we showed up at Alligator Soul,  about an hour later than we had planned, but we were greeted with applause and hugs from the staff anyway. The owner, Maureen Craig even wore her special sweater that had little green gators on it.  

We wanted something light and easy to eat since you really don’t need to eat a full dinner when wearing a glittering, form-fitting green gown.  The chef made us special nibbles that we didn’t need knife and fork to noosh on.  My favorite was the jumbo fried olives.  Also you cannot go wrong with grilled bread brushed with virgin olive oil and served with a wonderful variety of cheeses.  Drinks were perfect and fairly priced. The atmosphere warm and welcoming and staff good-natured and properly impressed with our Royal selves. Several guests had pictures made with us and enjoyed our very attendance.  I am guessing their evening was complete after good food, good wine, and then meeting some of the MJQs. It is possible, right?

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