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May 16th Flounce

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

31.jpgWe are meeting at Tantra to celebrate 5 years of fun and Regalness.  If you are a Friend of a Queen (FOQ), then you may dress in whatever suits your fancy.  THE MJQs will be in Tiara, Green Gown and Banner.  Do we have any specific plans? No.  We will have a cocktails at Tantra and go from there to points undetermined.  Some of us may meet for dinner. Some of us may go to Leopold’s and have ice cream; some of us may go dancing. It will be on our whim, so please bring the needed $, ID and cell phone. MJQs may ask a friend or guest to meet them.  Consorts (males) obviously may do whatever they want, but MJQs do not plan around them, my dears. From our Glossary:

“Consorts- Men who want to be granted an extended audience. Boyfriends and Husbands qualify. Also dear friends may be Consorts or Friend of Queen. (FOQ).”


Becky, your friend, Damon Fowler and our friend, Scott Marchbanks would qualify as Consorts OR FOQ:)

Flounce 2009 and Self-Coronation

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009


The Mint Julep Queens

5 years of Reign -Join us for a Royal Flounce!  May 16, 2009, 6:00 p.m. Starting at Tantra Lounge and Tapas, 8 E. Broughton St. 

MJQs may bring a guest    No new MJQs will be crowned at this time. Come and Celebrate our Reign in Full Regalia 

All drinks and food are Dutch treat

For details about our progressive Flounce check back.  Leopold’s is on the list of places we want to go after  a little cocktail at Tantra:)

Lilies For Fillies

Friday, April 17th, 2009

The planning for our May 1st Lilies for Fillies Party is complete.  Now we just need a couple of judges for our hat contest. No. Not your husband.  Remember honey, he is not invited to this party! Annie R, chair of this fun event has found two fab judges and is looking for one more:) And I have calls out, too.  Betwen us we should find someone perfect! They must be good humored, fashion conscious, and reliable.  In other words, they will show up for a party that promises a couple of chuckles and a nice cocktail or two. Prize ribbons have been ordered and hats are being purchased and/or decorated.  (I have tried to post a picutre of Carolyn in her pink derby style hat but for some reason I am getting error messages.) Oh well. You can wait to see it the night of…

Product Placement, Me and Diet Coke

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I am amazed how people find our website! Recently I were offered an “opportunity” for a partnership with a bar stool store.  The Offer consisted of an exchange of a “expert custom blog post” for a placement of their link on our website. I was told, the blog could be customized and written by this presumed expert to talk about things the MJQs were interested in doing, but really had not done. Honey, that is like offering to write a story about my daughter and the things she might be interested in doing, based on knowing her age. Send an expert to come join us on our Excellent adventure to Statesboro where we purchased green gowns for Coronation.  Send an expert to come have cocktails with me in my backyard and let that expert sit with me under my cherry tree. Pay for that expert to attend one coronation in full regalia and then we will talk.  I still would not exchange the opportunity to write a blog for a bar stool product placement link. Very tacky -but the biggest problem is the authenticity of the moment is destroyed. 

Now, if Diet Coke wanted a spot, I would be jumping up and down in my chiffon. Lee Ann and I can testify that a Diet Coke has mystical, healing properties. After a 3 hour shopping spree for pageant dresses, new shoes, and with no lunch in sight, the mere thought of a cold Diet Coke was our beacon of hope. So if product placement offers are made with the South’s Champagne, the deal will be cut and Coke will grace our site.