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McDonough’s Adventure

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

kelsey-billylee-owner-me-and-leeann2.jpgCell phone pictures are grainy and shady.  That might be a good thing. So was this joint.  It was a fabulous time and total adventure with the commoners.  If fact, we acted common our selves and so we fit right in.

November 11th was Kelsey’s Membership photo op and Flounce Night.  We met at McDonough’s and she had her photo made on Drayton Street as the cars rode by giving us a really nice headlight effect in the background.  Paul Suszynski did the picture for her.  I cannot wait to see them.

We had one adventure after another.  All unique to the place, pace, and time.  A guy came up to Lee Ann and stroked her mink while informing us he was a hunter and tanned hides and prepared to prepare furs and this was a nice one.  Then he showed her the hole in his back pants pocket and processed to flirt with her for the first part of this night.  Another guy who looked like a famous celebrity came up to wish us well.  I will post his photo and you tell me, doesn’t he look like an old Mr Clean?  A Mr. Clean who has let himself go through the years and put on a few pounds.  Guess he stopped mopping or something. 

Then we went on a carriage ride with a sweet girl from upstate New york as our guide.  She tried to do the standard tour for about 5 minutes and then gave up, since we knew more about the city than she. One of the wonderful white horses was named King.  The other one was Cheney.  Cheney will only work with King.  He either has to pull the carriage all by himself or he will allow King to work by his side.  King had a really good ol’ horse personality I think, and when I came up to talk with him he nudged and nuzzled and Cheney got jealous and pushed him to try and get the spotlight on him.  King was misnamed.  He was more of a “George.”  Maybe in a stretch, King George. 

After wine that Lee Ann sweetly brought on the ride, we went upstairs to Billy(Lee) ‘S Place.  It reminded me of Emma Kelly’s place years ago.  A piano player and  a bunch of drunk old folks hanging around and singing.  Of course, I was rather over served myself and one of the Queens had made error in her cocktail orders and thought a Manhattan was a pretty drink, therefore ordered one.  The Pretty drink had her getting her beauty sleep by resting her head. We took a cab home and paid the price the next day.  I am writing a essay about the experience, but this blog entry will have to just let y’all know tad bit about what we did.  Who was there? and Did we have fun?  Lee Ann, Kelsey, Barbara, Becky C, Lady Katie and three of Barbara’s sorority chums from Ohio State were there.  I told u what we did. And yes.  We had Fun.