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Erica Scales is Lay-zeeee

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

ann-and-emma.jpgcarolyn-09.jpg(Ann in her Most Tacky blue hat with Emma in her Homage “Hello Mummy” and Carolyn in her Most Creative pink,winning hat)

Not really.  It just looks that way when you see that I have dropped the ball in my queenly duties of announcing birthdays.  My justifications in include: 2 kids in school, my work schedule, economic stress, daughters surgery, summer heat, summer malaise and a whole host of excuses. And now to add to the list I have to finish some canvase since I was accepted into the Telfair Art Fair on November 13th. Oh well. 


June 13-Dottie

July 6th Carolyn

July 12th- Dee