Once a member, “How to abdicate, or retire?”

img_1157.jpg ( jewels in the hair)

1.  MJQs, ff you find you do not like playing Royal Monarch, or you find you are tired, please ask to become Emeritas and retire.

2. If you get invited and join our group, but for some odd reason you hate wearing a green gown and tiara, you need to stop responding to invitations or stop paying your dues. Dues are 60.00 per year.  Period.

3. Retired MJQs are on lists in archives and may be invited to parties, but are not allowed to put up a prospective lady for membership.  Never!  When party invitations go out, READ who is invited and follow those requests, if you please. Non-members never, ever sponsor or suggest a lady in waiting.

4. Complain about what the commoners might be saying about you when you are in full regalia.  Worry aloud what your friends think of you. Say, “My goodness, I look so silly in a crown.” Please consider becoming a retired MJQ. You do not enjoy this group.

5.  Retire, please when you let your consort tell you what to wear to a MJQ function and then you wear it.  (Remind me, please, how did you get in this group in the first place?)


6. Your husband thinks you look silly in a tiara, so you stop wearing it. Reluctant MJQs is an oxymoron.  MJQs are not reluctant.  If you are reluctant, you will not enjoy this group.

7. Several MJQs have very gracefully retired.  They have sick, aged parents, grand-children on the way, or very busy travel/work schedules.

8.  Call yourself whatever you’d like.  Your are the ruler of your realm.  Be retired; be active; or be Emeritas; be a sustainer; be a member!  You may decide to not attend anything at all,  so no one really knows you are a member.   Do whatever makes you happy. It is your realm.  I will say it again.  It is your realm!  But if by chance you want to participate , you must pay your dues.  60.00 per year.