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Danger! Grown Women having FUN!!!!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012


 This is what I keep re-thinking.  What in essance are the MJQs about?  What is our reason to “be”?  Simple.  We like the freedom of just being ourselves.  Powerful, fun-loving women who are not scared to have a good time.  Let me put on my chiffon and rhinestones and nobody gets hurt.  Growing up female in this culture you would think empowers you to be fearless.  Wrong. More fears are still attached to women’s experiences than you might otherwise expect.  What will other people say about me if I put on a crown?  Do I look silly?  Maybe we should raise money for a good cause and then we can explain what we do.  My rationale for my existence is not linked to a cause or a job.  Being Queen, if only for a few hours is the most freeing experience  I have ever had.  I am ready for a full throttle flounce.

Saturday night we had a dinner and a photo-shoot on Tybee Island.  I love Sundae Cafe.  I think it may be the best restaurant in the area.  The photos of Jeanne are precious, but I had to get up early and so I  had to head on home after dinner. Pooh. No flounce time. I must admit,  if I spend the time and energy to dress, I really want to flounce and by this I mean…strut about swishing my big green skirt and creating a spectacle.  Queen Kim has promised me that she will help glitter a pair of shoes with me, so like Dorothy, I will be  prepared to deal with any flying monkeys who threaten my good time.  I think having to go home early was like being lifted up and locked in a tower by those mean flying monkeys.  Watching the hour glass and knowing the evening would be kaput as soon as the bill was paid, dampened my fun just a little.  So, now I know.  Always plan a flounce on a day when I have nothing to do the next morning.  No time frame! My sole purpose will then be: laughter and spreading joy among the commoners.