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Make it up as you Flounce along

Friday, February 21st, 2014


Celebrating 10 years of Royal Reign with the Mint Julep Queens in Savannah makes me wonder–  ”Where did I go wrong?”  The voiceinmyhead is typically pretty negative and blames me for perceived failures or stumbles.  Shud’dup, voiceinmyhead!  Instead I am gonna ask, “Where did I go right?” Hindsight is 20/20 vision they say, I however have 20/40 at hindsight, so the bifocals are still employed when looking over my shoulder. Glancing at the long blog posts that documented the hand wringing , knickers knotted, hands-up,  roll-coaster fun and frustration of leading a group of independent Regal Women has taught me one thing.  To tell you truth, it has taught me tons more than lame little thing.  Bucket loads of good stuff and great times have filled the last decade. That’s why I am writing a book, but the big thing today is this–Making it up as you go along is OK.

The road of life is there– be it  paved, unpaved, flooded, blocked, pitted, rolling smooth.  I am not in charge of building the path and neither are you.  Each queen has a path.  It is seldom red carpet lined.  Our rules, values, and moires  are there as guide posts.  Markers.  Sometimes they mislead but more often they give big hints.  Trust your gut.  Make up it up as you go along, but check the signs, too.

Next week I am heading to New Orleans to ride with over 200 women in the Krewe of Iris Parade.  On Tybee Island, Saturday March 1st, enthusiastic leaders Queen Kim and Queen Sylvia, 3 Junior Mint Princesses, and 3 Ladies in Waiting  will bravely and joyously flounce from one end of Butler Avenue to the other during the Annual Mardi Gras Parade.  Our Duke of Transport, Sir Richard will drive his 1962 Cadillac once again leading the small procession of Regal females.  I wish I could be both places at once.  Next year I hope to quadruple our queenly representation on Tybee, but if too many pot-holes mar the path it will likely remain a small number. Maybe we are meant to remain an extra small select group so that we can really connect with our well-wishers and not intimidate sweet young princesses we  may meet along the road.  Maybe having a handful of Royals is better than a truckload of…well… whatever.  (BTW- the float I will be on has 21 women.  And there are +20 floats).  Iris has been in existence since 1917.  The MJQs is only ten years old.  New Orleans is New Orleans.  Savannah is Savannah.

I trust that no matter the future of the group, the fun is on the journey.  The TRUE-TRUE is found in the Flounce itself .  So Flounce and Reign on, Mint Julep Queens and Princesses.  It is ok to make up your own set of rules with a tad bit of help from road maps and signs along the way.