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A Mint Julep Queen Flounces for a Cure

Friday, April 15th, 2011

komen2011.jpgpettiskirt-and-converse-komen-race-wear.JPG (click for a big image of these cute Converse and pettiskirt)

Last year I had just found a lump.  Yes. It was Stage one cancer and this year I am Flouncing for a Cure.  Lots of folks run it.  I do not run.  Not because I can’t, but because I do not like to run.  I will be wearing the sweet T-shirt that Ousmane and Stephen, my husband designed.  Nellie Confetti, Sage, Selia, our dear friend Annie, and I plan on having a fun ol’ romp.  Chiffon helps me be more happy getting up so early, so I will be in Chiffon. 

Mint Julep Queens and Jr. Mints

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

maura2011.JPGkim-albee-stephanie-olivia.JPGjeanne-and-caroline.JPGemma-and-grandma-mary.JPGcharlotte-and-kate-moffett.JPGcamilleemma2011.JPG10-10-10-selia-and-sage.jpg10-10-10-selia.jpgThe Jr. Mints, our daughters and granddaughters, who have not forgotten (yet) how fun playing dress-up can be will get to Flounce with us at the April 29 Coronation.  Sage and Selia have wonderful green pettiskirts and madras Polo tennis shoes to express their inner Princess.  They don’t know her, except from Project Runway judging, but I think it will be a totally Betsy Johnson look. I am hoping they will go have Fro-Yo’ afterwards with me and greet the common folk. 

Sage, my 13 year old, will guest blog about the experience.  She doesn’t know it, but the assignment is , “Why do some 13 year old girls (and GROWN women) fear wearing a crown in public and is there anything you can do to change that fear?  Discuss.”  (She will get extra bonus points from me if she is willing to write a post…

Lady Lois to be Crowned

Friday, April 8th, 2011

(click the JPG 2 titles that are here to see Lois and Jeanne)LoisPG  Lois and Jeanne.JPG


When I tried to send this photo to the editor, while trying to update this blog,  it filled up the the whole darn screen.  Not unlike how Lois fills a room with her bubbly personality!! So I gave up and posted the link to a smaller picture so IF by some wild chance you do not know Lois, click that link and Voila`.  I added the Poodle girl from my artwork just for some color.

Lady Lois will join our group on April 29, 2011.  We are having cocktails at the Chatham Club, thanks to Jennifer Abshire.  And then a trolley guided flounce courtesy of the MJQ Treasury. All the Junior Mints will be in attendance, too.

If you do not know what to wear to the event, this must be your first MJQ event.  If it is, please know we do not own the color green.  We wear one hue in different shade because it is pretty in pictures.  So if you want to wear GREEN and you are not a QUEEN it is fine with us, really.  That way you do not stand out too much in a group picture.  And maybe you aspire to join our group?  That is a way to get ahead of the game, so to speak.  You may want to start a collection of flounce-worthy green attire. 

If you are new to the MJQs and NOT a QUEEN, you may selelct whatever you want to wear.  Outlandish is fine.  Elegant is good.  Silly is great.  Classic is just fine.  BUT a Traditional Talbot style green dress is too boring, honeys. Really I am telling you honestly.  Conservative & Boring is not good. So why not add some rhinestone necklaces, or lots of pearls, and maybe a big hat, or white gloves, or a boa?  All the world’s a stage and if you want to be Queen, you must dress the part, if only for a few hours. 

Reign ON! Queen Erica