Royal Spirit Questionnaire

kim-and-olivia2.JPG(Queen Kim and Olivia)

If you have read any of the posts on this site and are still not sure if you would fit in and have fun with the Mint Julep Queens, then ask yourself a series of questions.

1.  When you put a tiara or crown on your head, do you feel– A) better  B) stronger C) smarter D) authentic?  If the answer is “yes” to any of these choices, go on to the next question.  If the answer is “No,”  then discontinue this questionnaire immediately and find a better use of your intellectual time and energy.  You would not like being a Mint Julep Queen.  I promise you.

2. Which one is more selfish,  bossy, & self-satisfied?- a) Diva   b) Queen

3. When ruling her realm, a good Queen is -_____  a) magnanimous  b) kind c) brave  d) smart  e) demanding & selfish   f) a, b,c,d,

4.  Spreading laughter and joy is a Queen’s- ______ a) job  b) duty c) pleasure  d) a,b, and c

5.  True or False.  I like to wear rhinestones.

6.  Which one sentence best describes your feelings right at this moment?

a) There is nothing more fun than dressing up in a Royal costume, passing out tiaras to little children and laughing with my friends because sometimes I enjoy playing again.

b) I do not know what “causing a stir” means.

c) Reading about being a MJQ makes me nervous. Yes or no?  If yes, discontinue this quiz.  Our group is not for you.

d) “I consider myself Royal in many ways.”  True or False?

Now Highness, if you want to use your Royalty Spirit for good and not evil,  if you want to reclaim the power of the Princess and Queen then let the spoiled /selfish/ bratty /faux Queens/Princesses go their own way.  Let that Paris Hilton mentality shrivel and die!!!  You are a True True Queen and should try to get an invitation to our next event.  You would have fun. Honest. (Maybe one day we will work to raise money for some worthy cause, but not right now.  We have to decide what cause to help and each Queen has their own ideas -so for Right now, it is just about celebrating being a Royal.)