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Rock and Reign, Queen Misty

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

leeann-rock-and-reign-runner.jpgme-and-barbarag-and-the-wave3.jpg(click for the big pic)

The Mint Julep Queens address notes to each other “Dear Queen So-So” and many of us close our letters with a one of a kind closing such as, ”Yours in all that is Pomp and Circumstance,” “Reign On!,”  or “Keep Reigning!:).”  Jennifer says, “Time to Queen it up in Savannah, Georgia!” and now Lee Ann has a phrase- “Rock & Reign!”

One needs a special closing when one writes anything as Queen.  The more we do the more we need to remember to write those thank-you notes to the sweet commoners who come to our aid, who pay homage, or generally applaud our local Reign. We encourage Queens to develop their own unique letter closing so we can end our little notes with a flourish.  Just so you know, The Royal Wave need not be unique, since we do it in unison, a tab bit like synchronized wave with an attached British ”He-llooo” when riding in our carriage.  We want our waves to look alike, but lock step sameness in attire and literary voice is just too dull.  Maybe isolating the proper closing that expresses your own special Regal power will take some time and that is ok.  Better for your phrase to represent the real you, than to force it and come up with an incongruity or tacky.

I suggest that everyone needs a club name at some time in their lives, as well. You best be thinking about that too, if you do not have one.  Linda gave us the idea several years ago when she divulged that when she went clubbing, she went out as Aida.  It was just a whole lot safer she thought for folks to not know her real identity.  Queen Lee Ann has been an Mint Julep Queen for several years now and she has finally found the Closing proclamation “Rock and Reign!” since she ran the Rock and Roll Marathon a few weeks months ago.  It suits her.  And lucky girl, she has a new club name, too! 


Lee Ann is a girl next door look type with 4 kids.  I have called her Ninja Mama, but it does not fit her charm.  She attracts attention from men every time we go out.  No matter the place. When I point this out, she rolls her eyes and says, ”But look at the type of guy who hits on me.  That does not make me feel better.” Well, I do agree with her assessment.  But think about it.  Every time we go out it happens. Can it be she is non-intimidating, cute, all-America sweet as apple pie, and funny?  Can it be that?  She assures me that no, she just attracts unsavory characters.   

When we finished her photo shoot at Cha Bella for The Membership Directory last August, the MJQs headed over to the the Pink House for drinks. I am completely freaked by the shoulder to shoulder atmosphere and the Members Only jackets surrounding the bar. 

To tell the truth, the downstairs bar, Planters Tavern can be really quaint and warm.  Frankly, it is down right comforting during the winter with a blazing fire, brick floors, and low exposed beam ceiling.  In August however, it is one step away for being a dank dungeon packed with prisoners (and Queens do not visit dungeons even if they have had someone tossed into one.)  If they serve cool cocktails and play piano in the dungeon, I will sometimes consider a visit, but not when it is over-crowed.  At least this Queen does not…and when I do…it does not work out.

I think the air is bad down here.  There are way too many people here.  Goodness, everybody looks so sweaty.  I smell mold.  Or is it the drains? These people are too loud.  My ears hurt.  I can’t think in this loud place.  The floor looks so dirty. Goodness, my ears are tingling.  I feel headache coming on.  Crap. I need a drink.  It is so dark.  Those glasses look spotty.  That is not mold I smell.  I think I smell rotten fish!  Or sweat.  The germs must love this damp environment.  God, I feel light headed.    Take deep breaths and relax.  There is nothing bad happening here.  Breath and relax.  But the smell!  And the loud echos.  I have to really concentrate to hear .  Oh.  Do not look at that floor. Yuck. Owww, my head.   

The voiceinmyhead starts getting all worked up and when that happens, I gotta go and go fast.  I head upstairs to a more quiet space.  Quiet and calm…with our two more mature Queens Dottie and Glenda.

So anyway, the story of the rat tail guy continues.  From what I was told, he starts flirting with Lee Ann.  And with a big hand flourish and bows he says, “ Would you do me the honor of dance?”   

Lee Ann says, “Gosh, you know, I just sat down and got my drink so I’m going to have to politely decline your offer.” And that he leaves and goes to confer with the pianist.  He re-approached Lee Ann and with another flourish of his hand he asked again, “If I can be so bold as to ask you again to dance.” He informs her that he had specifically requested this song just for her. Upon being queried by Katie as to what song he had requested, he revealed that it was “Misty.”  At which point, Lee Ann took a more direct approach and said something like, “OK, dude, I’m just not going to dance with you.”  

While all this was going on, I was hearing all about the Casey Anthony trial and the judge, by name was being described to me.  Glenda stays home way too much and she was enthralled with the trial and had watched it for days and weeks. 

“I just can’t believe they found her no guilty.  I have been sick about it.  Just sick.” 

At this point, after 20 minutes of jury review by Glenda,  I was starting to get my hearing back and my heart beat was returning to a normal pace.  Kim and Lee Ann appear on cue, as if to save me from another moment of misery, this one brought on by the description of the likely murder of a sweet young girl and the crazy judge who let the murderous mom go.

So for now Queen Lee Ann has a club name, Misty.

I hope she does not Google the Clint Eastwood movie “Play ‘Misty’ for me” and read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia.  If she does, I would bet she will want a new moniker.   

Leap Year Lounge Party- Feb. 29th

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012


So every four years we have a Leap Year lounge party.  I expect it will be so much fun that we will talk about it for the next four years.  The only really sad part about this, (and honeys, you can count on me to find the cloud attached to the silver lining)..the sad disappointing part is that so many MJQs will miss it. and they will have to wait another 4 years to have another chance to say they were there.  There at Mercury lounge, under an assumed club name, shaking their Royalty on the dance floor.

 Of 30 members, I would guess 8 queens will be totally excited to cut loose and hang out in a seedy bar dancing to some R & B. Luckily for me, the joy of putting a tiara on and wearing jeans and boots is not influenced by attendance.  Or the lack there of. 

Oh come on!  You know that you get all irked when so few queens participate.  Just face it.  What is fun for you is NOT necessarily fun for all.

The voiceinmyhead is speaking out of turn.  That is one of the issues I am working on and I feel that just accepting the lack of availability for Fun evenings out is part of learning to Reign. Learning that each Queen gets what they put into the group.  If they put in Royal spirit and Girl Power energy, they get that back.  If you sow little Diamonds of Fun, you will be handed whole Tiaras of Joy.

Oh my goodness.  I cannot stand that. <eyes rolling> Sooo syrupy sweet and Hallmark card of you.

It is not.  “I own Tiaras of Joy” is cool sounding.  I think it needs to be on a Jessica Kagan Cushman cuff bracelet at Bergdorfs.  Just think.  Acrylic resin for 150.00.  Or one of her diamond things for 1500.00.  Yep, that would be cool.  And so Royal!

How about “I am so Royal!”?

Oh my, yes!!! Fun Queens would get one and queens who never do anything with the group…NOPE.  So sad too bad. They do not qualify. So that cute bracelet would be like a prize for just being Fun loving:) They would have to attend at least 2 parties a year to get one.

Ah HA! there you go.  Back to normal.  Being controlling and judgemental again. My work here is done. Time for a little retail therapy.  What are shipping costs at Berdorfs??? 

But prizes for Queens?  I do not have that kind of cash.  Are you kidding me?

Well one day.  Just do some window shopping now and plan for the day when you have that kind of money.  Prizes for people who participate is a great idea. It is the reward/ gold star method of controlling behavior.

Encouraging. NOT controlling.  I am encouraging. Really. 

<yeah whatever> 

Flashing Shoes

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

leeanns-flashy-shoes.JPG(These shoes are Queen Lee Ann’s.  If only this image could capture the twinkly lights that covered the straps!  Ohhh! Ahhh! -The epic cute-ness of it makes me dizzy. I need to sit down right after I pour myself a little drink.)  

Flashing shoes are remarkable.  Don’t you mean flash-y?  “Y” not ing???  Nope. I mean what I said.  These shoes are flashing with a little battery pack in the platform sole.  Since it is Leap Year this year and we need another Leap Year Lounge Party,  I want this type of thing to wear to a dark, old club.    

I can see it now. I would walk in with a swish of chiffon and glitter in my hair and my platforms all electric.  (Think of the sashay Renee` Zellweger did in ”Down with Love,” but in a big pouf dress.)  A really authentic R & B band would be playing in the corner.  Just making it all feel like New Orleans in the French Quarter, but better (’cause we are in Savannah, honey and in case you did not know, Savannah trumps New Orleans in the super Southern Icon department.  Or at least I believe it does.)  So anyway, back to me and my imaginings…these shoes literally flash and glow as I get to dance and flounce to my hearts content. 

One thing I adore about Being Queen is it allows me to forget the hardships of the week.  It gives my brain time that is free from worrying with the demands of my over scheduled life and listening to the self criticizing, agonizing inner voice, thevoiceinmyhead who keeps track of my To Do List.  The voice that asks me whether I have done enough, said too much, worn the right dress, remembered a birthday, put a thank you note in the mail, finished a report, sent the report to the right doctor, remembered to spell check the damn report, helped a child with autism, finished my billing, been kind to my children & husband, put enough money in the bank, done my share, eaten enough fiber, walked the dog, scheduled the dog’s fecal exam, emptied the dishwasher, changed my invisalign trays, or forgotten something.  The voiceinmyhead is constantly thinking I have forgotten something. 

Now wait right there.  You are making me sound like a nag.  I just hate to be late.  I do not want things to fall through the cracks. I hate for things not to run perfectly, you know. I am on your side!  I am the unpaid personal assisitant and you have lots going on, so someone has to worry about it.  I am just helping you out and you darn well know it!    

I know.  You are a big help. How about this.  Since I can’t pay you, why don’t you take some time off when I wear my tiara? It would work for both of us.  You always say it is too heavy and gives you a headache.

Hey that’s down right decent of you.  Sure! I would love a little holiday.  When will you wear your tiara again? I will plan a little vay-kay.  You sure you will be ok without me?  I mean I keep track of soooo much!  And that darn tiara does give me a headache. I got such a big ol’ pumpkin head with all this brain I got happenin’ in here…boy oh boy some time off. *giggle*

Yeah. I will be fine. We got an event on the 28th so that is time you can stop all the worrying and the lists for a few hours. Mint Julep Queens do not worry or work.  Queens flounce through the moment with peace and poise…and sometimes electric shoes. *giggle*