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Friday, September 16th, 2011

Mint Julep Queens  Royal Fun

October 8, 2011 Mint Julep

Queens and Jr. Mints Flounce- 6:00-8:30

(Meet at Lafayette Square to get on the trolley by 6:30)1. Queen Mary’s Membership Directory photo shoot will be 6:00 in front of the Andrew Low House on Lafayette Square, corner of Charlton and Abercorn.  Hopefully, we can do another Queen’s photo at this event. Who wants to have their photo done and where downtown do you want to go??? Also, a Jr. Mint Group photo would be nice to do.  We will probably not have another Jr. Mint Flounce until mid spring of 2012, unless another Queen bankrolls it. 

2.  We will get onto the trolley at 6:30 on Lafayette Square after Mary’s picture. If you are running late, call me 655-6007.  You can meet the trolley at another drop off. There are no true plans at this point other than; Trolley rental is for 2 hours until 8:30. Sunset is at 7:00, I believe. On the trolley, I will have a small cooler with small water bottles and wine and cups. The trolley is paid for.  The tip is not.  Please tip the driver if you ride with us. Sage and Selia and I will have dinner at some location and then head home after that.

3. IF you would like, bring a fun-loving enthusiastic friend or Lady in Waiting. Kim has invited Katie Leonard to several events and she has attended 2 gatherings. I have had Erica Rollings attend 2 events, as well. Barbra Coley has attended several parties. Who has never sponsored a queen? 

4.  Next photo shoot/event… Linda selects the date since it is her photo!

November or December, A Photo of Linda at the new SCAD museum and one other Queen at the location of her choice. Helpers and suggestions for this event are welcome!    

Kim- the swing at Cha bella – August 4 2011

LeeAnn – relaxing Cha bella  drink August 4 2011

Mary :Andrew Low House- Lafayette Square-October 8 2011

Linda – The new SCAD Museum November 2011

Becky C- Johnson Square- November 2011

Patty G- Johnny Mercer statue (December 2011 or Jan 2012)

Tricia –City Market Belford’s. Winter (Jan or Feb?) 2012

Lois -Owens Thomas house, when?

Annie - Forsyth Park- March or April 2012

Barbara G –Forsyth (March or April)2012


Academy , when? Stacy- Tybee 2012, May, June, or July? Emma- Wormsloe August or September 2012 Holly:  Telfair Square and/or Telfair

Academy. whenever she can…
Glenda- Telfair or Philharmonic location?   when?Jennifer? Near the bridge? Or having a beer and a slice at Vinny’s?Carolyn – ? Sue- ?Terri?     Jeanne?     Rhonda?    Caroline H?   AnnM?   Kelsey?   Melissa?   Cathleen? Becky K?   Vernice?   Carolyn G?  New

Queens 2012?   Retired


Tiara Give Away! and Miss Thunderbolt 1975

Friday, September 16th, 2011

becky-c-and-karen-g.JPG Click for the lovely nice big pic of Queen Becky C in a special tiara and Karen G Lady in Waiting is having a 500$ contest for reviews of products submitted with images.  Let’s win this ladies.  We could buy ourselves new crowns and have money left over for pins.  We could by a special set of tiaras just to give away to serving commoners who praise our beauty and applause our clearly regal nature. 

Remember at every event we give away at least one tiara.  I gave away an incredible price several years ago to a lady who was Miss Thunderbolt, 1975.  She was working at the Six Pence Pub and we were there having a burger after getting the worst service ever at the McMansion on Forsyth park.  Remember?  Sue, Carolyn, Kelsey, Linda and Jeanne and somebody else were there…Well honey, this waitress clearly needed a lift of her spirits (and not to mention any other kind of lift she may have really needed.)  That would be rude of me.  But when she saw our amazing crowns, she was taken down a trip to memory lane in her glory days of wearing tiaras, which was at least 30 pounds ago.  Opps.  Did I say pounds?  I meant years.  YEARs ago.  So we gave her a tiara!  And yep, it was a GOOD one.  It was at least a 3 incher.  From THIS site.   

Just think.  The party we could have: “Tiara Shopping with the MINT JULEP Queens”  . 

Find the product you purchased and click on it.  Down at the bottom there are the reviews for that item.  Follow the instructions and submit your review with an image!  Many of you have trouble with computers, so please do not fret if you can not figure out how to do this. If we were meant to win, some Queen will get it done!

Reign On!

Birthday Crowns

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

the-good-witch-leaving-betty.jpg The best crown is on Queen Carolyn one of our founders at the 2010 Coronation. click for big image.

With several birthdays coming up, I encourage each Queen and Jr. Mint to grab your everyday Tiara to wear ALL day on your special day.  Thankfully Sage came up with the idea last year on her own because she thought it would be fun and she did not care if any of her 13 year old classmates thought is was silly.  As she said, “It is my birthday and I am wearing a tiara whether they like it or not. “   Good for her.  If we can all maintain that sense of self all through our lives, just think how much happier we all would be.  Learning to be Queenly and Royal in every way is a life long process.  I have never donned a tiara for my birthday…wait.  Let me think. I have but it was only at a party.  I think this year I will wear it all day long.  Becky C has also suggested this and used to wear her crown all day, too.  (Dears, that was BEFORE she became a Mint Julep Queen.  Pretty impressive, I’d say.)  

Celebrate your Royal year and the coming Year of ruling your realm with kindness and grace by adding with a little sparkle to your hair.  Wear it to the grocery, to the dry cleaners, in car pool, at the office, at the dishwasher, in the laundry room walking the do, at the soccer field.   Now.  Let me see. Where did I put my everyday tiara?? Uhmm.  Well if I can’t find it I suppose I will have to order a new one on  (just an tad little excuse to buy more sparkle.   I wonder if I should have a designer create a new one for me?  A diadem style.  Subtle silver leaves interwoven with little pearls or something.   You know honeys,  all I really need is a 5 dollar sequin number with the plastic headband, because it is not about the tiara!  It is about the Regal spirit.  Stand up and reach for Royal joy as often as you can!  (And do not take yourself too seriously and frankly nothing says that like sequins in a Lady Liberty pattern on a headband.) 

Happy birthday to all you Fall MJQs. Reign on & Long Live the Queens! Hooo-rah- Hoo-rah! Hoooo-RAH!

Queen Kim’s Birthday and How do I bottle enthusiasm?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

more-sash-for-the-albee-family.JPG Click for the big image! Our Dear Queen Kim is pictured right by her mum who flew in from Pittsburgh to see her dear daughter and grandaughter, Olivia  I say, “Sashes for everybody!”)

I have two big project in the works.  No! That is more like three big projects in the works.  One.  I am doing right by myself and the others I have asked Kim and Lee Ann to assist.  They are going to drive the Royal Carriage and get the thing moving. 

Lee Ann will look into starting a competition with local bartenders to discover the best new signature drink for us.  “What?  It is not a Mint Julep?” I can hear you asking.  (So if I can hear you, please lower your voice and ask again.  I am right here.  Ok. Go ahead. Ask again.)   “May I ask your Royal Highness a small matter of clarification?”  Yes, my dear.  You may.  “Royal Highness, in your infinite wisdom, I am sure you have thought of this, but the group’s NAME IS the Mint Julep Queens, so since I am mere commoner, I am really confused when you announce that there will be a contest to discover a signature drink for the queens.  I thought the signature drink was the JULEP”

OH dear me!  I can understand how you became mildly confused.  Allow me to explain.  Not every Queen likes bourbon.  I know it is beyond imagination since The Julep is the epic, iconic Southern Cocktail and WE as a group are the finest example of fabulous flouncing females in Savannah, who it seems would love a nice Marker’s Mark toddy.  BUT we need a cocktail that every barkeep can mix and not screw up.  There are very few good juleps to be had in Savannah.  The one at Elizabeth’s is the nicest.  The Rocks on the roof at Avia can be good, if the right barkeep is working and to my knowledge the one at the Pink House is ok.  But since mint is vital, a capable barkeep a necessity, and a love a bourbon a prerequisite, we need a drink all the MJQs will love.  I suggest the Name:  A Mint Julep Queen.  Maybe by Leap year we will have that completed.

Next.  Queen Kim, who just had a birthday TODAY. (And no dear, I am not telling her age.  That is not wise nor it is Queenly of you to even ask. )  Our Queen Kim and I are looking at developing a relationship…maybe relationship is too familiar…an association with SCAD so their Costume Department and their other brilliant young students might benefit from our Royal Glory and we benefit from their artist talents.  It is a win-win, n’est pas? (That is French for: ”Isn’t that so?” Or in the case of a deep South translation “Ain’t dat rite?”)  So honeys, It IS a win-win!  Ain’t dat rite?

I am working on the MJQ Calendar Project and Membership Directory and writing and blogging.  Hopefully all this is will make the world a more fun place and give someone…anyone…a reason to don a rhinestone tiara and go forth into the world to spread joy and charm and sparkles.  No matter your hardship,  celebration of your own Royal nature is a valuable endeavor, ain’t dat rite?

So Lee Ann, Kim and I have popped the cork on the same bottle of enthusiasm and all I have to say is, “Cheers!” 

Things to know about the October 8, 2011 Flounce

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

1. Queen Mary Membership Directory photo shoot 6:00 in front of the Andrew Low House on

Lafayette Square, corner of Charlton and Abercorn.  Hopefully, we can do another Queen’s photo at this event!  Also, a Jr. Mint Group photo would be nice to do at 6:30.  We will probably not have another Jr. Mint Flounce until spring of 2012. 


2.  We will get onto the trolley at 6:30. If you are running late, call me 655-6007.  You can meet the trolley at another drop off. There are no true plans at this point other than; Trolley rental is for 2 hours. Sunset is at 7:00, I believe.


3.  I will have a small cooler with small water bottles and wine and cups.

4.  Next photo shoot/event… Linda selects the date since it is her photo!November or December, Photo of Linda at the new SCAD  museum. Helpers and suggestions for this?