Mint Julep Queen Coronation Questions

img_1157.jpg“May I bring a friend?”   - No. Someone is hosting, (paying for the party) and if you are allowed to invite a friend, they will tell you.

“What should I wear?”  - Does your invitation say regalia? Then you wear cocktail evening wear and tiara, honey.  If you are a FOQ or Lady, wear what makes you happy. 

“My consort wants to come.  May I bring him?” - Absolutely not!

“I am nervous. Is there a ceremony if I have been asked to join your group?”  - No. You are a queen in your own right.  You just join us officially by showing up in your tiara and regalia and wearing a banner made by that we give you. Just keep a great Royal attitude and you will be fine. This is not hazing to get into Tri Chi Zeta Alpha Omega F-U.

“What if I have been invited and I can’t attend?” - We are sad for you, honey.

2 Responses to “Mint Julep Queen Coronation Questions”

  1. Grandma Sandy Says:

    Hello Ladies,
    It was so much fun meeting you all in Savannah May 16 or 17th can’t remember which night. Anyway, you crowned my granddaughter Princess Kayle and mentioned that you would be putting a picture of the event on your blog. Is that still in the works??? I’ll keep checking. She enjoyed that so much..she’s not much of a girly girl so for her to wear the tiara for days afterwards was so much fun for me to enjoy. Thanks for stopping us on the street. Your group sounds like great fun.

  2. Erica Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Ya’ll were so sweet to indulge us. I just sent a email to the Queens that had cameras handy to check to see who has the image! I have been soooo busy with common life that I haven’t blogged much lately. When I can find the imape I will post it under a title like (Princess Kayle Crowned.)
    All my best to you and that darling grand-daughter Kayle.

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