Six Ladies invited to join our Group

Invited to be Mint Julep Queens 2008: The following ladies have attended 2 or more parties and have been quite Regal.  They enjoy us and we enjoy hanging out with them. They have been invited to join our group and if they attend April 12th Coronation, they will be Mint Julep Queens 2008.

Ann M.,  Jeanne P.,  Lee Ann S.,  Kelsey A.,  Nancy B.,  Glenda B.



Invited to come as a Lady in Waiting Spring 2008: These charming ladies have attended one party so far, and we love them. Hopefully in the future they will be able to become a MJQ, but frankly, they are Queens in their own right.

Lady Leslie F., Lady Kim A., Lady Mary V., Lady Gwin M., Lady Caroline H., Lady Barbara G.

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