Jepson Shot-(Leap Year Lounge Party)

dscf0482.JPGdscf0480-1.JPG (click and Click)

Lessons learned about photos are: 1) don’t do candid shots while ladies sit in a bar eating nibbles. 2)Posed pictures work much better.  Especially when told to ham it up. 3) Cold weather can keep some Queens from having photos made. Amazing but true. This image is missing a few MJQs and FOQs that didn’t want to come stand in front of the Jepson Center on a chilly Feb. 29th.  From the top back, Dee, Barbara, Rhonda, Mary V., Ann, Sue. Front Row, Leanne, Gwin, Kim, Jeanne, Moi, Linda

Paul Suszynski ( said the group photo was one of the best ones he had ever taken.  We were all spot-on. Queens love the lime-light and the flash! But Boy oh Boy we look bad when we are perched on chairs with cocktails in hand, eating cheese and crackers. I won’t even show you those.

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