New Cocktail- I’ll have a “Paul Palmer”

blossoming2.jpgblossoming1.jpgHey there Queens and Public. Why name this drink “Paul Palmer”?  Because an Arnold Palmer is half lemonade and half iced tea.  This is made with Paul Newman’s Lemonade, and Firefly Sweet tea favored vodka. Maybe “Arnold Newman.” OK. I will work on the name, but the mix? It is done!

I have just made the best little cocktail. Serve in a Mignon Fiaget from NOLA,  Krewe Crown Old-Fashioned glass. Also make sure you have your linen beverage napkin and some homemade cheese straws on hand!

 On the rocks -mix 1 jigger Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, 2 jiggers Paul Newman’s Lemonade, with a big ol’ mint leaf sprig. You can muddle the mint in the glass for a really nice summery twist. BTW- the recent nasty freeze did not kill my mint in the backyard.  Ya’ll need to come by and have a drink and enjoy the beautiful cherry tree in bloom. Hey. It is a party concept! Happy Hour: Drinks and Petals.

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