Regal treasury, Save the Date, & 6 P Salad

The Founders and 2004 MJQs met for lunch and planning today and reached some decisions.  (Leslie was in Thomasville, Stacy had a Telfair deadline, and Cathy had family matters that called. ) Founders, Mary, Carolyn, Becky, & 2004 Queens Annie, Sue, Dottie, Dee and Linda attended.  We had a little shrimp and crab salad that consort Stephen prepared and My “6 P Salad” that is my recipe. Also Fab cookies from Back in the Day Bakery and brownies. 

First, we will cap our membership, for the time being at 30 Sovereigns.  We may change this cap as we see fit in the coming years, but for 2008, this is the top number of members. Maybe we can have our Royal arms twisted and we increase to 32. We sahll see.

Next, a collection to stock the Royal Treasury will be enacted.  Each MJQ will be asked to pay $50.00 per year to cover certain needed expenses.  A yearly assessment will be sent out to note this collection.  Postage, paper, trolley, banners for New Queens and photographer are the accepted expenses. If you find that at this time membership in this group is just not a priority, at this point, please let me know since we have a waiting list of Ladies that want to join us for flouncing. Look for snail mail note with deadline for submission so we an see how many openings we will have for new royal members, should you be unavailable.  The next Coronation date will be April 12th.

On Coronation matters, every Mint Julep Queen will be required to wear green evening clothes and tiara.  Some of our past royal choices have been white evening pants and Thai silk jacket, rebuilt prom dress, or Bella Mia neon chiffon.  Do you have to wear green evening attire and tiara? Yes. Any concerns or questions will be directed to Sue, Annie, Carolyn, or myself.  All the MJQs need to look like Queens at Coronation. Get advice from Sue if you need help deciding what to wear or finding the right look.

Another topic was attendance.  If you are interested in attending only parties with your consort, then you need to excuse yourself from MJQ Reign.  You have mistaken our group for some other organization. Please let us know how busy you are so we can invite a Royal that has time to flounce.

Our next gathering will be for all Queens and Friends of Queens.  We will go to Alligator Soul and then to the Mercury Lounge on Congress Street and flounce in Boots, Jeans, and Tiara.  Dee says the jeans & dress shirt with cowboy hat is called a “Texas Tuxedo. ” What should we call our Lounge-Look? Watch for the The MJQs Leap Year Lounge Party invitation and details in an invitation to be sent by Feb. 14th.  Oh, and by the way, what happens at Mercury Lounge stays at the Mercury Lounge.  Queen Linda even uses a stage name when there:)  

On travel plans, the trip has been postponed until October or so.  More on that from Carolyn and Sue.  

A suggestion was made that we get julep cups that we would bring to bars for cocktails.  Ross Simmons has sets 6 cups at of silver plate at good prices.  Then we have them engraved with our name and maybe our logo.

MJQs lunch tray was re-newed when dear Vernice had lunch for 4 at Savannah  Quarters Country Club last Friday. Ya’ll, have the grouper tacos if you are invited. The tangerine sorbet was luscious! Conversation fun.  Honeys, I gotta start reading more. Terri and Vernice were up on some novels I have got to read. I just don’t know when I will fit it in.  Terri had the tray passed to her so she will host the next luncheon.  Thanks Vernice for a fun, delicious lunch.

Reign On!

Erica’s 6-P Salad

1 lb. bag frozen, small green peas

1 can white acre peas drained, rinsed,

1 small to med onion chopped and sauted

1 can field peas, rinsed and drained

6 oz. chopped pimento, drained

1 cup pearl pasta, (aka Israeli Couscous) cook according to package directions

½ cup shaved parmesan cheese

½ cup olive oil

½ cup salad vinegar

Chopped fresh cilantro (¼ to 1/3 cup)

Salt to taste

Cayenne and black pepper to taste

 2 Teaspoons of sugar

Cajun seasoning to taste

Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl and add drained hot pasta. Stir Gently.

Chill and marinate at least 24 hours.

Mix in shaved parmesan cheese serving.

Serves 8-10 as side

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