How much does it cost to be an MJQ?


The dreaded question: “How much does is cost to be a member of the MJQs?”

“If you have to ask, you likely can’t afford it” is the despicable answer

(Honestly the assessments  and expenditure is low, if you are wise and frugal.)

Dues are 60.00 per year as of 2015.

If you buy your dress at Goodwill and decorate it yourself, (like Queen Cara and Queen Kim have done) add in 15 bucks. I think that is what they spent. I just found a sweet dress at Macy’s for 50.00.

Whenever we go out we eat and drink– Dutch Treat. The Dutch were notorious cheap-skates, so there it is. You pay for your own libations and morsels.

Additionally, we ask for periodic donations to our Queens’ Treasury fund. The Bee Cause with the Savannah Bee Company is our charity this year. Most MJQs and Ladies will give anywhere from 20.00 to 100.00 dollars through-out the year to this fine local charity. We ask for small cash donations at our Meet & Greets. We will write them a check from the MJQs when we reach the total goal of 500.00. Each year we select a new local charity keeping in mind we each have our pet projects.

You buy your own tiara or crown. You can spend whatever you like. It is gonna sit on your Royal head, is it not?

New Queens pay for their own sash. It is 45.00.  

Gifts for little girls, throws for parades is a variable cost per Queen. If you do not want to give the commoners gifts, then you may not like our group. We love giving tokens away. We try to keep the cost reasonable.


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  1. Vinit Says:

    I love the Queen of Hearts. Clothes inspired by cards would be aomswee…acutally kind of suprised no one has thought to run up some fabric like that. Why oh why can’t we all have textile factories in our back yards?

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