New and Shining, Mint Julep Queens


Fun comes in many different forms.

I know someone whose deepest passion is fox hunting. In fact, I know two such ladies who count the days until fox hunting season. Queen Leslie moved to Thomasville a few years back so that she could pursue her treasured pastime more often. The other, Nita Ann just got her sash and also reigns as a Mint Julep Queen. Lisa’s passion used to be helping one of her favorite charities, Bethesda Academy.

I find it fascinating that once you find a single passion, that it can define you so completely. When you meet someone new and shining, trying to remember their name may be a challenge for you, like it is for me. I need a framework to help me plant their name and their Life Picture in my mind. The frame may be your job–”Ahh. I remember her. She’s an attorney.”   Or it may be your hobby. “Oh, yeah. She’s the one who shows horses,” I may say to myself.  Picturing a runner on a track and thinking “She’s a runner,” is a image that does not help me remember anything at all– except how much I hate running. So many people are runners, I need more information.

These newest MJQs are like most women, though. Multifaceted.  They work. They have a family. They have charities. They have many deep interests and hobbies. The excitement for me is that now that they are Queen, they can add a Regal image to their Life Picture. How many among us can’t benefit from additional shining sparkle? Now we all are thrilled that they are willing to share that brightness with us. Isn’t it nice that when are out and about in Savannah and we run into a familiar face, we can think, “Oh! I remember her. She’s a Mint Julep Queen!”  Next, imagine her in her crown.

Reign on, Lisa and Nita Ann.  

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