Being the Sparkle 2017

groupbench2.jpgAlthough we have been incredibly busy with our group and our private reigns, you may never know it based on this out of date blog. It reminds me of the person who is so preoccupied Snap Chatting, Instagramming, and Facebooking that they forget to experience the moment. The cold hard focus on a screen consumes them.

Well, that sure enough has not been the MJQs last year. So huzzah and good for us. We have been living and surrounded with joy and so focused on Being the Sparkle that the job of recording our Royalty on a blog has taken a back seat. To be honest, the blog is not even in a back seat. The task is in a rusty flat bed trailer sitting out in a field.

Should you wonder, “What have the MJQs been up to lately?” then this simple answer should satisfy: We have just been happy Being the Sparkle in Savannah, Georgia. ¬†You are most welcome.

5 Responses to “Being the Sparkle 2017”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    I think we’ve also been overwhelmed by the events unfolding in our wonderful country that HAS been GREAT . . .

  2. Karen Garcia Says:

    Y’all are heroes. Do you know if there are any other tiara wearing royal organizations in the USA?

  3. Erica Says:

    Karen, Thank you for the Royal question. I strongly recommend that you purchase a tiara or two and start to wear them whenever you feel the need. Invite others to join you, if you so choose. We are based in Savannah, GA–but you can be monarch where ever you happen to reign. All hail.

  4. Karen Garcia Says:

    Your Majesty Queen Erica,

    I don’t have the confidence to do it alone. I hope they start an organization like yours in Texas. You truly are the most beautiful of queens, continue reigning over Georgia!

    P.S. I don’t know how people react in public, but I sincerely hope everyone bows in the presence of true royalty inside and out! The most humble and beautiful Queen is the most regal queen!

  5. Karen Garcia Says:

    Long live your majesty Queen Erica!

    Thanks for your response :)

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