OK Obama, I got Hope!

I was working with a 2 year old, significantly developmentally, delayed child in Garden City yesterday when my favorite president came for a visit to Savannah.  I got to see him de-plane on the television the daycare director had set up for the children to see.  I wanted to see the event in person, but I was not on the short list of invitees.  Turns out, folks who did not even think Obama could win when he was running against John Edwards and then Hillary… THEY were invited and attended the event.  Shoot. Jack Kingston was even there. (Oh well.  That is politics.) 

I can say that I sent our fine president money to help with his campaign.  There were people who attended who not only did not send him a dime, but actively supported someone else. The daycare director and her employees were all Obama supporters and they did not get an invitation to come see him either, so I was in very good company. (Oh well. That is politics.) We talked about our deep belief in the significance of this president’s election. She teared up when we talked about election night and I told them it was the best birthday present I can imagine getting. I am sad that more locals were not included in the event, but that is politics.

Linda kindly sent me a link from the President’s speech and Carolyn and Consort are in a close-up with Brooks, her consort justa- grinnin’.  (Oh well. That’s politics.)

The daycare providers I was with yesterday, spent years waiting for a president like Obama.  I can honestly say he is the most important president I ever helped elect and when my grandchildren ask about it, I can say I helped elect him! Even if I did not get an invitation to come watch his speech at Savannah Technical college, I take great pride in knowing I predicted his win.  I said he would be the first African American president and I predicted it after his key note address in 2004.  I started to sent him small checks way back in Feb. of 2008 when many of the people I knew were all loving Rudy, McCain, John Edwards and Hillary. In fact I argued with one consort about Obama’s experience and electability.

In politics, what matters to me is a persons values, heart, and action. Obama has all three going for him.  It was so exciting seeing him visit our town and spend time at Savannah Tech, even if the only way I got to see it was on T.V.!  The reality is the regular, common everyday voters and contributors who made his election possible are the ones who were truly excited about this visit and were just happy to sit and watch the local newscasters report on the event.  If only more folks could have been there in person. Politics as usual made the list of invitees rather short and made the event so small .

And then to add insult to injury, I have forgotten how to post pictures on this site.  I got some images sent from Carolyn and I can’t re-size them. When I browse and POST, the image then takes up the whole screen -plus some! So I could not use the huge images to high-light this post.  I guess it is a Freudian thing.  Cynicism and Jealousy makes me forget how to change pixel size? Or cynicism with politics as usual makes me unable to re-vamp jpgs.  What in the world?

I did remember how to “post a link” so if you missed the President’s speech at Savannah Tech, look over to the right of the screen and click on the link that is under Queens in the press.  It is a 15 minute video. There were 4 MJQs there in the audience and I saw 2 consorts. One with a huge grin on his face. Some of his friends call him Pooky. I call him Lucky.

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