Pimm’s Cup, Southern Style

(By the Picher, serves +8)

2 cups Pimms #1

1 cup Firefly Mint tea flavored vodka

2 cups club soda

2 cups Sprite or 7 up

The juice of one lemon

Cucumber pealed, and sliced into spears

One orange in small wedges

One lemon in small wedges

Mix the liquor and lemon juice. Immediately before serving, mix in club soda and Sprite.

Pour over ice and garnish with a lemon squeeze, orange squeeze and a cucumber spear.

(For a Single dink) 1 jigger of Pimms #1

ΒΌ jigger of Firefly Mint Tea Vodka

Pour liquor over ice and top with equal parts club soda and Sprite!

Use lemon squeeze, orange squeeze and cucumber garnish.

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