Princess Kayle Crowned on May 17th

dscf0948.JPGdscf0985.JPGdscf0978.JPGdscf0962.JPGdscf0982.JPGdscf0989.JPGdscf0956.JPGdscf0955.JPGdscf0944.JPG(Click on any image to see in Royal size)Here is a sampling of the photos Paul, (owner of took during the first part of the evening.

We had quite a Flounce on May 17th.  Please forgive my tardiness in even mentioning it.  My Common life is keeping me tooo busy for Royal matters.  (Horrors!) One very special event I must mention.  We crowned a charming little princess right after her equally sweet grandmother crossed the street in to our midst on Broughton Street.  Queen Dottie provided the lucky tiara.  For those that don’t remember, every time we appear in our Regalia we must crown a little princess for good luck.  Also it acknowledges that all females are Royalty from even a very young age and if treated as such,  properly encouraged (and so forth), they will rule their realm, as queen with grace and good-natured spirit in years to come.  I have no doubt that little Kayle will grown up to be a fabulous sovereign in her our right.  Thanks to her grand-mother,  Sandy for stopping to visit with us and let Kaylee be coroanted.  Reign On, Sandy and Kayle and when I find the image of the event I will send it on and post it.  (Goodness! I need a personal assistant to handle things that fall thought the Royal cracks.)

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