Inspired Mint Julep

 picture-415.jpg  (click-Happiness is a Julep)

I just finished the most inspired article about the classic Mint Julep in this month’s Garden & Gun :21st Century Southern America magazine.  Written by Jonathon Miles in “A Drink for All Seasons,” the iconic drink is described as a “a splendid, simple drink.”  Ya’ll it does not require a special occasion to enjoy it Jonathon reminds me!  And honey, it does not require a silver cup or fine veranda, since this can be a tad intimidating.  (Personally, I like serving it in a silver cup if it goes with my flouncing outfit and when I am in lime green toile with pageant banner sash, I truly believe it adds so much to the look.)  I can promise you however that I have collapsed on my couch after a hot summer day, in plain ol’ jeans and a T-shirt to enjoy ”the ideal analgesic to a tough day at work.”  For this Saturday’s Flounce at Alligator Soul, I plan to bring my own little linen cocktail napkin, (’cause it is cute), my own silver plated Patrick Henry Mint Julep cup, and even a big bunch of fresh mint, grown right here in Savannah, just in case they need some. 

Thank you, Jonathon Miles for the inspiration. Oh, and if your consort likes to hunt and all that, you might enjoy the new publication Garden & Gun, since there is something in it for him, and more importantly lots of interesting ariticles for you.  Click to read Jonathon’s Mint Julep article:)

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