Quien es esta Reina?

61.jpg( click- from left, Rhonda, Emma, Mary, Becky, Linda, Me, Dottie, Stacy, Vernice, Terri, Becky, Sue, Cathy. From piano stool- Leslie, Patty, Carolyn, Cathleen -Cute hat!, Tricia)

Remember that 80’s Madonna song ”Quien es esta nina? Whoooo’s thaaaat girl?” Well, at our annual Holiday Queens’ & Consorts’ Party I heard, “Who’s that Queen?” and “Who’s her consort?” several times! How could a Royal group such as ours not completely know each other?  Here’s how. We travel, work our royal selves to death, and hardly take time for fun, contrary to the self-indulgent diva/queen reputation.  Also, when we do have a spare moment,  we can over commit our time to our subjects and realm. And then what happens? THEN we can’t come to enough MJQ gatherings to remember the names of our Regal sisters.

I plan to start a January blog that will introduce a Queen a day, so prior to any party, you can visit January archives and get a teenie refresher. I will start with some of the group photos from the Holiday party.  If you don’t remember every name, you are not alone:)

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