Consort Chris and Creative Coast

Consort Chris M, Queen J. and FOQs(click)Chris Miller, friend of Queen Jennifer is leaving to start a consulting biz.  I think the crown gives him an edge.

Hey.  Thank goodness for Queen Carolyn.  Did you know that formatted DVDs are in -R or +R ? Whatever that means.  Well, I spent hours trying to view images from Coronation and The Consort Holiday party. I now know my machine reads negative R. Erin gave the images in positive R.  After much hand-wringing, self-doubt and a call to my repair guy, it was Time for an extra strong Seabreeze and advice from Queen of Pire Tools.  She sooo rules.  After a my mini break-down, Carolyn calmly fixed my image errors.

So. Since I had just read the blog for The Creative Coast, I figured what better way to test my Super-tech skills (that are in still in their infancy), than to use the lovely pic above for good.

FOQs and MJQs, I wll send image link today or tomorrow, thanks to Carolyn. :)

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