Grace of Green

lrh_5992a-2.jpg(Thank you, Peter for you kindness. The princesses love seeing you!)

I don’t write lots of poetry, but when I can’t put together an essay, paragraph, or narrative to express a feeling or experince then poetry or painting works.  Here’s one in honor of a generous spirit, Peter Hooten. His up-lifting nature is… well, I don’t know.

I am caught in traffic again.

Go, go speed racing,

Raging down white lined,

lonely black to trip’s final stop.

Spindly pines’ kudzu mounds blur.

Seldom has a soul stopped

to breathe the new spring air.

By the edge of the killer road

anonymous yellow wildflowers

whisper in the dewy air.

Still gripping the wheel,

I imagine I am home,

and you call me to stop there.

Listen and be still kind heart.

Feel the grace of green.

Watch the cynical fog burn-off clean.

It is the sun’s kind talent

shining down peoples’ hard highways.

Part of the journey, you say.

I still travel to the end.

Wandering, waiting for a generous spirit

to stop me again.

Hear the wind? 

3 Responses to “Grace of Green”

  1. Peter Hooten Says:

    Dear Your Grace, Erica,
    As well wondering what figures will form in clouds, in “kudzus’ mounds”—
    animal, flora, person, friend, foe, a never-before-found dream
    of something to come, a seemingly drowned idea surfacing, out-of bounding.
    Now content with rest nearing, a sweet nod knowing the princesses have waved a kiss and grace is everywhere, I thank you!
    XXOO Peter

  2. Erica Says:

    I am so glad you understood. XXOO too, erica

  3. Sage Says:

    Super, Mom! I loved the line that said: anomyous yellow wildflowers whisper in the dewy air! XXXOOO Sage

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