You’re never too old to be stupid

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When was the last time you did a shot?  I mean a shot of liquor?  Not that I advocate any such thing, condone or encourage such behavior.  Sweetheart, if you had asked me that very same question a month ago I would have laughed at you. When you said , “No. Really I am serious. When was it?”  I would have had to think long and hard and I would have come up with about 17 years ago at Hard-hearted Hannah’s.  Now here’s a warning. I am preparing to take a detour off track and tell that story real quick, since it does actually relate to being stupid. And having fun.

The Madeira beach method was a crazy way to do tequila that my dear Carolyn and her friend Cissy learned during a vacation to Florida.  Lick a guys neck and sprinkle with salt. Have  him hold a lime like a flaminco dancer holds a rose. Now lick salt, do shot, and then get the lime from his mouth. A darling, charming friend of ours, Dolly was getting married and her fiance` stopped by after a party to have a couple of drinks at Hard-hearted Hannah’s.  We proceeded to do Madeira Method shots with her husband-to-be.  Lucky for us, she is a forgiving soul and since the next evening he made it to the wedding, we were not permanently ostracized for unseemly conduct unbecoming of a friend.  

Now back to today and recent stupidity. There’s this person, otherwise know as a talented young  doctor and regular nice-guy by the bar doing a flaming shot by dipping his finger in Sambuca, lighting it with a lighter, blowing it out, and downing the liquor.  As Carolyn said, she avoided getting sucked into that moment since, as she observed it, “It just looked stupid.”  I, however was enthralled. Oh. Pretty fire and anise flavored sticky, sweet stuff that glows in a glorious blue flame . Hey. Why not ? (’Cause it’s stupid?) Nope.  No such maturity was evidenced at that particular moment.

Was it fun? That one little shot did not give me a roaring headache the next day as some predicted it would. Just a tad bit of a throbbing headache around my eyes was the result.  Nothing that 3 Diet cokes and a cheeseburger couldn’t handle. Frankly, it is more fun telling about it later. Like now, for instance.  If any advice can be gleaned from this little story, then it is just being stupid can make a funny story. That is if no one is hurt and you can forget any pain you might have endured during or after the event of being stupid, then it is well worth it.  So, ask yourself and rethink your veiw, “Can I be safe and have a silly story for later?” Then go right ahead and be utterly stupid. You are really not too old, honey. Tell me all about it later.  I always need a good laugh.

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  1. Carolyn Says:

    Soooo, while suffering the aftermath of a very good time at our Xmas Queen and Consort do, I finally looked at the blog. Just this observation. What I meant was, when you are making a very nice living as a very good surgeon and you light your finger on fire, that looks stupid.

    But also, every time I do shots, which, admittedly has been quite a number of years, the next morning, somewhat like this morning, I think, “That was stupid.”

    Love the blog. Would you like a chainsaw for Xmas?

    (Carolyn sent me as email last week)

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