Rhett, You Promised

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In one of the riveting scenes in Gone with the Wind, I always gasp with white knuckle fear as Bonnie Blue falls off her horse during a jump. Rhett carries her limp body up the stairs as Scarlet accuses him, “Rhett, you promised not to let Bonnie Blue jump.” The understood sub-text is, “You bast***d, you killed our daughter.” That image makes me not want my daughters to ever ride.  Plus, my consort is suffering now with an old dislocated shoulder injury caused by a nasty fall of a big ol’ darn horse. His orthopedist loves him and so does his physical therapist.

Queen Leslie continues to risk life and limb riding on her favorite big ol’ animals. Her passionate pastime is horseback foxhunting.  Is that redundant? Well, being redundant is a hell of a lot safer than being equestrian.  Last month I thought Queen L was in Thomasville drawn there like the sailors in Greek myth were lured by the sirens to their rocky saltwater doom.  Honey, she was in Thomasville for a month or two.  She was there recovering from a fall that broke her right arm.  When she told me the details and scientific name of the bone that was pinned and cast, I was close to blacking out with fear and shock. Fighting back the mother-in-me that warns with wagging finger, “If you don’t stop that, you’re going to break your neck.” How many times have I said to my Princess Selia, the same exact phrase and when she crashes, and I draw in a lung full and then I can’t breath again until I know she can.  

I have come to accept that side to my daughter and my friend Leslie, as well. They know no fear when doing something they love.  With Leslie, it is sitting astride a horse chasing cute little foxes through the brambles of woods around Thomasville.  With Selia, it is jumping off the sofa arm, over the ottoman with one smooth leap.

Leslie just had her second surgery to fix a poorly repaired break.  Those orthopods in Tallahassee weren’t too neat.  Luckily, Queen Rhonda’s consort knows a thing or two about that bone stuff.   I hear tell that a splintered arm bone does not just take care of itself.  (Actually it can, but forget about returning to activities that required a functional arm and hand, like brushing your hair or putting on eye shadow.)

Since the joy of flying through the air on the back of a large animal seems to have its hold on Queen L, she has suffered two injuries in the last couple of years. And what about the lessons she has learned? Well, first get that bone back together and then get back up on the darn horse.  Show him who’s boss and keep chasing helpless forest creatures. Preferably with a pack of dogs.  Second, Savannah is a pretty nice place to recuperate, re-energize, and re-connect.  Literally and Figuratively.

3 Responses to “Rhett, You Promised”

  1. Haviland Stillwell Says:

    So lovely to see the MJQs have a blogger in the midst!

  2. Terri ONeil Says:

    Wow! I’m glad that I am not the only educated, logical and well balanced individual who understands the importance of redundancy. As well as the passion for excitment! I look forward to meting Leslie!

  3. Erica Says:

    Hey Terri O . She is the one the only Leslie B. Our Weather Queen. Hope you can come to Cocktails at the Mansion on the 30th:)

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