Glitter, glitter everywhere

There are so many ways to add glitter to your stuff.  Glue it.  Spray it.  Paint it.  Pin it. Bedazzle it.  Stitch it.  Wear it.  Seems whenever I run into Lady Elizabeth, she always has some random glitter dusting her face, an unintentional marker of her zest for life and infectious joy.   Queen Kim will actually glittercize her Converse prior to a parade.  When it comes to adding emotional sparkle to your heart and soul, that is a different DYI project and can be a much more difficult challenge.

Just like a needle pierces a cloth with a thread as crystal beads and shiny sequins are attached, the sharp point that sometimes hits me is anxiety, doubt, and misery.  Or depending on the type of massively crappy day I just had, a simple sourness that life is too darn hard; there is too much dadgum hate in the world, my house is a wreck, and nobody told me I had spinach in my teeth, because I have no friends.  That hot tub of sorrow can cause premature wrinkling, plus it interferes with enthusiasm and without enthusiasm, being Queen is near about impossible.

All of the Mint Julep Queens love playing dress-up.  Anytime we have an excuse to perch a tiara on our Royal heads, we jump at the chance.  Anytime.  All the time.  Honest.  Anytime at all,  we will prance about with rhinestones in our hair, except when we can’t.   And when we can’t, I promise you, there is a crisis in the kingdom, a fly in the ointment, a stone thrower at the gates.  When rotten stuff happens and wearing a happy face, (not to mention a crown) feels like an imposition, give yourself time to re-group.  Stay at home and watch “You’ve Got Mail” and practice being perky in the face of unhappiness.  I find that Meg Ryan helps, so does not kicking yourself for being a bit blue.

Depending on the depth of the blueness, pulling out the glitter pen to journal a few thoughts can rescue me.  Or a nap.  Queens like naps.   But dear, if you are fortunate enough to see the Mint Julep Queens out and about, each wearing a dazzle-tastic tiara and darling sash with emerald green flocked letters that proclaim MINT JULEP QUEEN, you must know that everyone of us is shining with enthusiasm in our hearts.  We are celebrating be alive, being female, and being spirited enough to never grow so old that we stop playing dress-up.

Do not be fooled, though.  In person,  we may very well present a picture of Regal perfection to our public, that does not mean that we have perfect lives.  That does not mean we don’t fight our own battles, slaying our own dragons of doubt, fear, misery, and visible panty lines.    When the MJQs make a public appearance, you can assume that each female decided to make time in her otherwise busy, challenging, confusing, fabulous, messy, grace-filled life to be Queen, if only for a few hours.


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