Paul sent in a sample of the photos: Mary’s is excellent

lila-maddie-zoe-at-ellis-square.JPGkim-at-hot-doggery.JPGphoto-of-anns-olive-puffs.JPGmary-in-front-of-the-andrew-low-house.JPG       Mary selected the Andrew Low House as the location of her photo for the membership directory. The flounce in October was one of the most diverse and unpredictable ones we have ever had. We meet the producer of a local movie.  We eat the pirates house olive puff Queen Ann brought along and we had hot dogs at a new deli on Broughton. The ones of Ann and her girls and of me and mine will follow very soon.

Planning for November 11 is going well.  I know the Arty Party is that night so lots of MJQs will miss the photo shoot with Kelsey.  Honestly lots missed Mary’s, too! The core group will flounce on and be the visual presence of Queendom in Savannah for the group.  Never fear.  

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