A Royal Sign


I can not believe it.  After months of waiting and months of wondering, the Morning Glory decided to bloom.  My dear husband, says, “Ye of little faith.”   I answer, “I had just gotten used to accepting its green leaves and its vines.  That was all I was ever going to get.  Seeing it. Accepting it.  Just a beautiful green vine.  And now it is so much more.  Wow.” That bloom is the Crown on the vine of life.

Goodness.  There’s an analogy hanging outside my window.  I can look up from the computer screen and see the plant whispering to me and the blossom yelling at me.  No, not yelling.  Yelling is way to loud and not flower-y.    It is a yell!  Yes, but it is a happy yell.  Like when you accidentally run into an old friend at the  airport that you have not seen in years, they squeal and yell out your name and run to you.  That kinda’ yell.  It is there to tell me to keep going.  Believe in goodness. Believe in beauty and believe in FUN.  Plus keep on writing.  Write because it is fun , (and goodness, I need that. )

Stephen says it is a sign. I started writing in May.  A collection.  An experiential collection of MJQ observations and stuff.  It was going to be one thing and it started turning into another.  It is my meandering green vine. 

Hurry up and bloom.  This vine thing is getting unruly. The voiceinmyhead is impatient.  It will bloom in its own time and I will find time to write when I find time to write. 

Oh good-ness! Now you are going all Zen on me. Fine.  I will shut up.  Good.  Give me some peace. 

Maybe I am the blossom.  What about that???  Did you ever think of that, Miss Queen-ie Smart-y pants?  We are the bloom and the crazy f*in vine climbing everywhere and making no promises. 

I am. You are. We are?  I mean, I am?  Yep.  C’est moi.   The voiceinmyhead wishes I spoke French. 

No hell I don’t.  You use too many pronouns for that mess.  And all the verb conjugation?  I am just happy you got this morning glory vine analogy crap behind us. I was about to sprout something ugly if it continued.  

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